Land Rover predicts continued success

As we start to move towards the heart of the summer, the Range Rover for 2008 is set for its showroom debut at the start of July.

Its arrival could not be better timed, with one of the most impressive features on the new model being the four-zone air conditioning system.

This means that both front and rear passengers can control the heating and ventilation to suit their individual needs.

Sales of the Range Rover have already increased by 20 per cent year-on-year during the first five months of 2007, a trend which it is hoped will be sustained.

John Edwards, Land Rover UK managing director, explained that the popularity of the vehicle had much to do with its improving fuel economy.

"The engine’s great combination of performance and fuel economy has not only powered overall Range Rover sales, but also shifted our diesel/petrol mix, especially in Europe," he commented.

"Most Range Rover customers who would previously have bought a V8 petrol now choose a TDV8 instead, which offers petrol-like refinement but with 32 per cent better fuel economy."

Other convenient features include a ‘climate control’ windscreen, in addition to automatic rain and headlight sensing.


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