Land Rover ready to help stranded motorists

Land Rover has confirmed that up to 100 of its vehicles, as well as its off-road experts, are on standby following the adverse weather conditions that have hit the UK.

The automaker’s 4x4s will be offering their services in central and north-western areas of the country.

Land Rover has ten experience centres across Britain and these will all be open to assist highway patrols, fire services and police forces in getting drivers home on treacherous roads.

John Edwards, managing director of Land Rover UK, said that the company’s provision of reliable vehicles has become a useful tool for recovery teams in recent years.

"Year after year Land Rover has assisted local authorities in severe weather and emergency situations," Mr Edwards said.

"With such an extreme forecast for the next few days, we’ve assured them that our vehicles will once again be available should they need them."

Land Rovers are among the best equipped 4x4s to deal with difficult driving conditions, with a towing capability of 3.5 tonnes, permanent four-wheel drive and advanced off-road technology such as Terrain Response.


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