Freelander 2 gets top safety rating

Land Rover’s Freelander 2 has been given a five-star European new car assessment programme rating for adult passenger safety.

In the child protection category, the Freelander 2 received a four-star rating. The combination of these assessments gave the vehicle the highest points of any model in its category, making it the best in class for occupant safety.

Jonathan Mabey, Land Rover’s vehicle safety manager, said: "Safety is of paramount importance for Land Rover and for Freelander 2 to be the only compact SUV to be awarded the maximum star rating is a fantastic achievement."

There are a number of safety features in the Freelander 2, including advanced stability and traction aids and a new ‘gradient release’ system, which offers motorists greater control when driving on steep hills.

Electronic brakeforce distribution, emergency brake assist and corner brake control all help avoid accidents, according to Land Rover, while the Freelander 2’s driving position offers improved visibility.

Front and rear crumple zones are built into the vehicle to absorb as much energy as possible in the event of a collision.

The sides of the 4×4 are reinforced with ultra-high strength steel door beams, while on the inside there are front seatbelts with dual pre-tensioners and seven airbags.


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  1. stan wareing on

    Typical arrogance – would you like to be run over ( or your wife or child ) by a 4×4 with bull(y) bars on ?

  2. clive hammond on

    Sadly all Blake Ludwig gets across is the prejudice of the “anti” who despite all the evidence to the contrary – still try to maintain that 4×4’s are somehow child killers/planet killers etc etc.

    How they manage to keep going in light of the evidence is amazing. I suggest we just humour them rather like we would if someone came running up to you in the street and said “The world is flat you know!”

  3. chris hosking on

    i would rather get run over by a land rover than a lorry.i have an early freelander it is safer, more practical,more ecconomical & will go more places than the ford focus i had before.

  4. Blake Ludwig on

    While the Freelander has a great rating for passenger and child safety, it still has only a 1 start rating for pedestrian safety.
    While the passenger safety is important, the majority of Land Rover models remain a dangerous fashion accessory on our roads when it comes to danger to cyclists and pedestrians.