Around the world in a Volkswagen Transporter

An English couple have just clocked up 27,000 miles going round the world in a Volkswagen Transporter camper van.

Helen Simpson and Michael Broadwith bought their vehicle from the specialist converter Bilbos and have used it to journey through more than 30 countries, taking in the sights of the Ukraine, Russia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan, China and Pakistan.

The southern tip of India was their furthest destination and the stage when they set off home via various south eastern European countries, including Greece and Turkey.

Helen said: "We had originally wanted to go on this trip in an old, iconic 1970s Volkswagen van. But the comfort and reliability of the modern Transporter has been invaluable and has really contributed to our enjoyment of the journey.

"Wherever we went, the van was surrounded by curious onlookers within minutes. It gets lots of attention, questions and some very envious looks."

Luckily the Transporter has more than enough room for another passenger – the couple are now expecting a baby.


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