Lewis’s team mate: ‘No favouritism in the McLaren team’

Lewis Hamilton’s team mate has insisted that there is not a culture of favouritism in the McLaren team.

It might be understandable if McLaren staff gave Hamilton a few extra minutes attention compared to his colleague Heikki Kovalainen.

The Finn has only managed to finish seventh in the last two drivers’ championship seasons, while Hamilton covered the team in glory by finishing runner-up in his first season in the sport and clinching the title last time around.

Speaking at the unveiling of McLaren’s new car, Kovalainen told Helsingin Sanomat that if he can keep up a good performance level his bosses will not unfairly favour Hamilton.

He said: "Then the team will give me a chance as well. There are no magic tricks to success. I just have to get my self-confidence up to the kind of level that I will always be in the top squad of drivers."

McLaren team bosses have previous experience of handling their drivers’ egos. Fernando Alonso, who now drives at Renault, was reportedly unhappy that McLaren was giving Hamilton preferential treatment when the young Brit first burst on the scene.

Written by James Christie


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