Most couples let the man drive

When asked about passenger behaviour, so many men are bad passengers, that most partners let them drive.

Almost three quarters (69 per cent) of drivers said that men are bad passengers – with irritating habits like advising the driver to use a different route or road, fiddling with the air conditioning or commenting on the speed of the car. A third of drivers said their male passengers change the music on the stereo or radio.

Chris Collings, head of insurer development at Swinton insurance, said: "Annoying passengers can be a real distraction and can cause drivers to lose concentration.

"Driving is difficult enough, especially in Bank Holiday jams, without having an irritating back seat driver in tow."

The Highway code advises motorists that driving without due care and attention, which can be caused by irritating passenger behaviour, can carrry a fine of up to £5,000 or up to nine penalty points.

If a motorist has to carry a passenger, 68 per cent of drivers express a preference that they should be female.


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