Audi A4 breaks biogas top speed record

Motorists who regularly head to foreign roads in a bid to be able to drive faster than 70 miles per hour may want to sample a new Audi A4 which runs on biogas.

Top Gear magazine reveals that the Audi A4 has registered a new world record for the speed achieved by a biogas-fuelled car, having hit 227 miles per hour.

Behind the wheel of the vehicle for the drive was German Jurgen Hohenester, who benefited from the inclusion of a twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 engine that featured 700 brake horsepower.

The decision to modify the engine to allow it to run on biogas allowed the A4 to break the previous top-speed record that was held by Bugatti by nine miles per hour.

Alternatively, motorists looking for a more conventional Audi A4 have the choice of a range of styles including cabriolet, saloon, allroad and avant.

According to Audi, every aspect of the design of the A4 has been "improved and refined" to improve the driving experience for motorists compared to past offerings in the range.


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