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Car leasing FAQs

Contract changes and early termination

Life can be unpredictable and throw unexpected challenges at you – that's why we include life event break clauses into every Smart Lease contract. 

Once you've had your Smart Lease car for more than 6 months, you qualify for the life event break clauses. This means you won't be charged an early termination fee if you need to cancel your lease for these specific life events: 

  • Redundancy – excluding voluntary redundancy, early retirement, and termination of contract by agreement or dismissal. 
  • Divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership. 
  • Loss of driving licence for medical reasons for 6 months or more – excluding conditions that were pre-existing when the term started. 
  • Death of you or your partner – where it's not the result of alcohol, solvent or drug abuse. 

Plus, if you're pregnant or adopting and need a bigger car, you can change to a different vehicle under the Smart Lease scheme and won't be charged an early cancellation fee. 

You're not required to inform us about any medical conditions when you order, unless they mean you’re unable to drive now, but we may need evidence of them to process a claim. 

Find out more about DVLA reportable medical conditions. 

The early termination fee is calculated as 50% of the sum of the remaining monthly payments due on the vehicle at the time of the early termination. In the unlikely event the early termination fee exceeds £10,000, the life-event break clauses can't be used.  

If you do cancel your lease early, you're still entitled to the benefit of the contract's damage waiver. So long as the condition of your vehicle is in line with the BVRA Fair Wear and Tear Guide, any identified damage that adds up to £500 including VAT will be waived. 

In the unlikely event the damage is valued over £500, you'll be asked to pay the full amount. 

Yes, you can change your term or mileage once during the contract for no penalty.  Call our customer service team on 0344 472 1081. They’ll be able to help. 

Any difference to your monthly payment will be updated on the day the change is made and shown in your contract. 

Here’s an example of what happens to the monthly price if you change your term: 

If you started a Smart Lease deal for 36 months/5k miles at £279/month on 1 March 2021, and then on 1 November 2021 you requested a change to 24-month termon the same 5k annual mileage, then the new monthly price would be £299/month and not £309which would apply to newly leased vehicles on the same date. 

In your bundle you choose a mileage for your expected use. 

For example, if you opted for 36 months and 10,000 miles a year, we expect the car to be returned with a maximum of 30,000 miles on the milometer at the end of the term. 

If you drive more miles by the end of the term than agreed, you'll be charged the excess mileage fee outlined in your contract.  Wed encourage you to keep an eye on your mileage during the term and it may make more sense to increase your mileage limit rather than pay the excess fees.

If you exceed your contracted mileage, you'll be charged for the excess mileage at the end of the contract. However, you can revise your mileage limit during the term of your contract. 

To discuss your options, call the customer service team on 0344 472 1081. 

Yes, as a Smart Lease customer you can change your mileage to one of the 4 mileage options available. The difference in your monthly price will be illustrated in your contract. 

To change the mileage, call the customer service team on 0344 472 1081. 

Yes, you can change your lease to one of the 3 term options available: 24, 36 or 48 months.  The difference in your monthly price will be illustrated in your contract.  

To change the term, call the customer service team on 0344 472 1081. 

You can add your spouse or partner as a named driver, provided they live at the same address as you and meet the eligibility criteria. 

Call the customer service team on 0344 472 1081 and they'll arrange the addition for you. 

Call the customer service team on 0344 472 1081 and they'll arrange the change for you. 

Any questions?

The Smart Lease team is here to help

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