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Car leasing FAQs

Charges, fines and penalties

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I've paid a speeding fine. Do I have to notify you?
No, you don't have to tell us if you've paid a speeding fine.  If you need more advice, call the customer service team on 0344 472 1081. 
How do I pay to drive in the London Congestion Charge zone?
You can pay on the Transport for London website, either in advance or on the day you travel, and the daily charge is the same.  You can also pay on th...
How do I register my car as exempt from the Congestion Charge?
You'll need to go to the Transport for London website, which tells you about discounts and exemptions. 
I've been incorrectly given a Congestion Charge PCN. How can I contest this?
Call the customer service team on 0344 472 1081 to get authority in writing to appeal a penalty charge notice (PCN) directly with Transport for London...
I've contested a Congestion Charge PCN and TfL has cancelled it. What should I do next?
You'll need to tell us so that the penalty charge notice refund to LeasePlan UK can be monitored.  Call our customer service team on 0344 472 1081 and...
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