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Car Leasing FAQs

Contract changes and early termination

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Can I terminate my lease early?
Life can be unpredictable and throw unexpected challenges at you – that's why we include life event break clauses into every Smart Lease contract.  On...
Can I change my term or mileage?
Yes, you can change your term or mileage once during the contract for no penalty.  Call our customer service team on 0344 472 1081. They’ll be able to...
What if I drive more miles than my chosen annual mileage?
In your bundle you choose a mileage for your expected use.  For example, if you opted for 36 months and 10,000 miles a year, we expect the car to be r...
I'm going to exceed my contracted mileage. What are my options?
If you exceed your contracted mileage, you'll be charged for the excess mileage at the end of the contract. However, you can revise your mileage limit...
Can I reduce my contracted annual mileage?
Yes, as a Smart Lease customer you can change your mileage to one of the 4 mileage options available. To get a quote for your new monthly payment, cal...
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