Chances of having a car accident ‘will increase next week’

Britain’s largest car insurer has revealed that British drivers are more likely to have an accident in the week after the clocks go back.

Last year Direct Line received 15 per cent more claims in the week following the end of daylight savings than the week prior to the clocks going back.

They could be even busier this year as local authorities such as Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire and Powys have cut street lighting to reduce energy costs, increasing the risk of accidents throughout Britain.

Head of car insurance at Direct Line, Maggie Game, said: "Motorists should take extra care this week as we adjust to the hazards of driving in the dark.

"Darker conditions result in slower reaction times, greater braking distances and poor depth-perception. Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do and all of these risk factors make driving in the dark even riskier."

Drivers should check the lights on their cars are working properly to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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