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As the number of charging points for electric vehicles increases, and the choice of EVs grows, battery-powered cars are becoming more popular.

Here are five reasons why you should now consider leasing an electric car.

Price of buying an EV

Although battery technology has improved, electric cars remain an expensive choice. So whereas you can pick up a new petrol car for under £10,000, there are few electric ones for under £20,000, and many cost £30,000 or more.

But by leasing an EV you can pay less over a term, with monthly payments and a small initial payment helping to spread the cost. 

Avoid depreciation of a new car

Because electric cars are in high demand, particularly on the used market, many models are holding their value exceptionally well.

Even so, with car leasing you don't really have to worry about depreciation, and models can be offered at far more competitive rates.

Reduced running costs of an EV

Apart from benefits of leasing over buying an EV, probably the biggest advantage of a battery-powered car is its low running costs. And if you can charge at home or use public chargers often found in supermarkets, there are some big savings available.

Also, you don't have to pay vehicle tax with an electric car, and you can avoid paying charges in a clean air or an emission zone, such as the central London Congestion Charge.

Improving range of electric cars

Once you would struggle to get more than 100 miles out of an electric car on a single charge. But battery technology has improved significantly in recent years, and 'range anxiety' is less of a worry.

Electric cars like Teslas are now capable of around 400 miles from a single charge, which allows you to complete long journeys without a recharge.

And even affordable battery-powered cars have much better ranges – the Renault Zoe is capable of 245 miles on a single charge. It means that EVs are becoming a viable option to many drivers.

Low maintenance

Another big asset for electric cars is their easy maintenance. You still have to check tyre pressures and do vital safety checks, but EVs have far fewer moving parts than a petrol or diesel vehicle, reducing the likelihood of something going wrong.

Servicing costs are also affordable, and many leasing companies allow you to roll maintenance into the monthly leasing charge.

So while traditional finance options or buying outright are still good ways of getting an EV, leasing is becoming a common and appealing choice.

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