Do you send a txt instead of a postcard?

You're settling into your holiday and having the time of your life. So you'll want to drop a postcard home to share your experience with the folks back home. Right?

Well, wrong. If recent research by AA Travel Insurance is anything to go by, the nation is losing the art of penning a postcard. Only a third (37%) say they'll take the time to use this traditional way of saying 'wish you were here'.*

But that doesn't mean to say holidaymakers don't tell family and friends about their holiday. Indeed, only 3% of those surveyed said they don't send any kind of message home. Rather, travellers are much more likely to use electronic communications.

The most popular way to express holiday happiness to those back home is to send a text (48%). Others will send emailed pictures of where they are (17%), while another 15% will update their Facebook page. With the advent of ever more versatile communications devices, some (7%) even send a multi-media clip.

Teresa Brewer of AA Travel Insurance says the passing of the traditional postcard is a shame. "This really is the most personal way to send a message home – from choosing the image to composing a compelling summary of your thoughts in your own handwriting. And, of course, pens don't need a left-at-home charger to work, while losing a ballpoint in the sand won't result in an insurance claim.

"Also most people enjoy receiving a postcard through their letterbox – even if it arrives long after you get back home."

* Research carried out by One Poll for AA Travel Insurance, November 2010. One Poll interviewed 2,000 people in an online survey. The survey included messages sent home from foreign holidays and respondents could select all types of messages that apply.