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UN Decade of action for road safety

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The AA was formed in June 1905, initially to champion the cause of the motorist and particularly to help motorists avoid police speed traps.

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The AA is the UK’s leading breakdown service with more dedicated patrols than anyone else. We provide personal financial services including motor and home insurance, loans, credit card and savings, and we are the largest independent travel publisher in the UK.

We provide driver training for all with AA Driving School, The British School of Motoring (BSM) and with AA DriveTech for commercial drivers.

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Blustery showers and ‘thundersnow’ creating hazardous driving conditions
With harsh winter weather threatening to bring hazardous driving conditions across the UK, the AA is issuing advice to help drivers navigate the roads safely.
(12 January 2017)

One in five drivers would volunteer to fill potholes AA survey finds
One in five (20%) drivers would volunteer to fill in potholes for councils, potentially helping to cut the UK’s huge backlog of road surface repairs. This follows a rural scheme Devon County Council put into action last year.
(6 January 2017)

Return to work breakdown blues
The main return to work day (Tuesday, 3 January) is expected to be one of the busiest of 2017 for car breakdowns, says the AA, as many vehicles get left unused over the festive period.
(30 December 2016)

Christmas drink-drivers – nearly two-thirds deliberately got behind the wheel
Nearly two-thirds of drink-drivers arrested in the run-up to and during the past three Christmases were at least twice over the alcohol limit.
(30 December 2016)

Christmas travel advice - Friday 23 December busiest day for traffic
Friday 23 December will be the busiest on the roads this festive season as Christmas journeys combine with regular commuter traffic and around 12 million drivers hit the roads.
(22 December 2016)

December 2016 fuel price update
Supermarket pump prices, following the usual track of lagging behind rivals’ increases, have given temporary relief to drivers facing the impact of a 20% rise in the oil price over the past month, according to the latest AA Fuel Price Report.
(17 December 2016)

Car jacking on the increase as young AA employee targeted in terrifying ordeal
Earlier this week a young AA customer service adviser’s car was attacked by a thug wielding an axe when he stopped in his car in Halesowen. Luckily he managed to lock his doors and drive away with a smashed rear passenger window.
(16 December 2016)

#NeverTextDrive – AA Trust launches new safety campaign
More than two million car passengers would do nothing if their driver used a hand-held phone whilst driving, according to new research for the AA Charitable Trust which today launches a hard-hitting campaign to try to change attitudes and behaviours around driver distraction.
(25 November 2016)

August fuel price update - patchy supermarket price war leaves many towns missing out
Average UK petrol prices have fallen by 2p a litre in the past month but towns with the ‘wrong’ mix of supermarkets are paying 3p a litre more than their neighbours with competitive superstores.
(20 August 2016)

July fuel price update - expensive holiday route fuel prices wipe out pump price savings
Once again, summer holiday drivers will run the gauntlet of ridiculously expensive pump prices on many popular holiday routes.
(23 July 2016)

Drivers fear accidents caused by long grass at junctions
Two-fifths of drivers up and down the country have found their view of oncoming vehicles at junctions and roundabouts blocked by long grass this summer.
(8 July 2016)

AA and Chargemaster join forces to bust myths and fully charge the electric car revolution
Ready to help drivers make the most of the EV revolution and cut their motoring costs, the AA has teamed up with Chargemaster to provide advice, support and access to a UK-wide network of chargers.
(7 July 2016)

June fuel price update - supermarkets undercut rivals by £1.50 a tank on fuel
Supermarkets across the board continue to stand out as the go-to source of cheaper fuel, charging on average 3.3p a litre less for petrol and 3.6p less for diesel than its rivals.
(20 June 2016)

AA publishes Cyclist’s Highway Code
The new AA Cyclist’s Highway Code has been designed as a companion guide for cyclists and parents of children learning to ride safely.
(6 June 2016)

May 2016 fuel price update - Oil price surge dashes hope of pump price stability
Hopes that soaring petrol prices had found a ceiling after two and a half months of increases have been dashed by the prospect of $50 oil, May’s AA Fuel Price Report warns.
(21 May 2016)

57% AA members with school-age children claim traffic chaos on school run
As many as three in every 50 schoolchildren in the North join a ‘walking bus’ to get them safely to and from school, while cutting the number of cars on the road, an AA survey for Walk to School Week reveals.
(19 May 2016)

Fleet drivers still getting the hump with sleeping policemen
One road feature guaranteed to be even more unpopular than roadworks is the speed hump or sleeping policeman according to new AA-Populus research.
(28 April 2016)

Pedestrian smartphone distraction - beware the march of the 'smombie'
Almost three quarters (72%) of drivers say they often see pedestrians step into the road whilst distracted by their phone, according to a new AA-Populus poll.
(4 April 2016)

AA president calls on the Chancellor to keep his hands off IPT and Fuel duty
The AA has written to the Chancellor urging him to resist hitting motorists and businesses again in the forthcoming 2016 budget.
(29 February 2016)

One in seven drivers experience episodes where they can’t remember the last few moments
A startling number of drivers (15%) have very often or quite often experienced episodes where they can’t remember the last few moments, or longer, of their journeys, according to new research from the AA.
(27 January 2016)

January fuel price update - commodity market greed costs UK drivers 5p a litre
The UK average petrol price would be close to 97p a litre, with some supermarkets offering petrol at 94p, had refiners and petrol commodity market players not deprived drivers of the 5p-a-litre saving from cheaper oil, the latest AA Fuel Price Report highlights.
(23 January 2016)

Residential parking pressures - 12% put off car trips rather than risk losing parking spaces
Street parking outside UK homes is so tight that nearly one in five drivers (19%) frets about finding a space when they return. More than half of this new breed of ‘Road Worriers’ puts off making a car trip rather than giving up the parking space outside their homes.
(22 January 2016)

Drivers' New Year resolutions
Driving more economically has overtaken wanting to walk more as the top New Year resolution. Last year, the positions were reversed, tracking by the AA-Populus survey has found.
(29 December 2015)

December fuel price update
While cut-throat supermarket competition has plunged the price of petrol below a £1 a litre on many forecourts this week, further benefit from cheap oil is being snaffled at commodity market level, warns the AA Fuel Price Report. The profitability of commodity petrol has gone up 5% in the past fortnight.
(18 December 2015)

Gambling on drink-driving this Christmas?
There's a 50:50 chance someone will shop you as half of AA members (49%) say they would call the police if they saw a stranger getting behind the wheel when clearly over the drink drive limit.
(14 December 2015)

My car, my data – not Big Brother’s
UK drivers think that they themselves rather than car manufacturers should decide who has automatic and unfettered access to data from ‘connected cars’, according to the AA.
(10 December 2015)

Electric cars are still a turn-off – say AA members
Only one in eleven AA members buying a car in the next three years would consider going electric or hybrid according to a new AA-Populus poll responded to by 27, 662 members.
(30 November 2015)

Being a better driver doesn’t make you safer, women tell their partners
Women are four times more likely to concede that their partners are better drivers than they are. But it doesn’t mean they think their ‘other half’ is safer.
(23 November 2015)

November fuel price update - pump prices under pressure to reach new lows
Average petrol pump prices have moved to within 2p of the six-year low recorded earlier this year, and may fall even below that before Christmas, according to the latest AA Fuel Price Report. Diesel, which would normally become more expensive at this time of year, has dropped to its lowest price since the end of 2009.
(20 November 2015)

Cars that can detect pedestrians - AA welcomes new Euro NCAP tests
Euro NCAP's announcement this week on pedestrian detection shows that new car technologies are here and now - and not waiting for when and if driverless cars become available. The AA has consistently said that the real value of these advances in automation is in assisting drivers and not in taking over from them.
(11 November 2015)

October fuel price update - Falling petrol price survives oil scare
Early October’s $5-a-barrel surge in the price of oil, which threatened to add 2p to the pump price of petrol, failed to stop UK average pump prices falling a further 2p a litre over the past month.
(24 October 2015)

Motorway Paranoia - help is at hand with free Drive Motorway courses
Almost half of motorists know friends or family who avoid driving on motorways. To help these drivers overcome their fears The AA Charitable Trust is offering 2000 free 'Drive Motorway' two hour courses.
(23 October 2015)

Driving abroad - FCO and AA remind drivers to do their research before they hit the road
The October half-term is a popular time for families to holiday in Europe. With thousands predicted to travel by car or motor home for the half-term break next week, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is partnering with the AA to remind motorists to do their research before they hit the road.
(22 October 2015)

Workplace parking - one in seven give employers an unpaid hour a day
More than one in seven who drive to work may be giving their employers an unpaid extra half day every week. So intense is the battle for a parking space that 15% turn up more than an hour early and don’t get time in lieu if they start work straight away.
(8 October 2015)

Speed awareness courses - making converts not criminals out of errant drivers
Educating drivers, riders and pedestrians about road safety risks will have more effect than heavy handed prosecutions, according to the AA president who gave the keynote speech to police chiefs at the TISPOL European Road Safety Conference in Manchester.
(7 October 2015)

10-minute private parking grace period - AA remains sceptical
If British Parking Association members can’t follow the current code of practice, what chance is there of them conforming with the 10-minute grace period announced today?
(1 October 2015)

New smoking-in-cars law - AA welcomes protection for children, but questions around enforcement remain
Children under the age of 18 will be protected from smoke in cars from 1 October onwards. Under the new law, which applies to England and Wales, offenders will receive a £50 fixed penalty notice.
(1 October 2015)

How worn tyres leaves millions of motorists “dicing with death”
As the AA launches their mobile tyre fitting service, the AA's research highlights how many motorists are putting their lives at "alarming" risk by running worn tyres.
(28 September 2015)

September fuel price update – pump price surge storm enters 10th year
Early September marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. It also commemorated the start of a storm of surges and collapses in UK pump prices, now entering a 10th year.
(22 September 2015)

Motorway roadworks - AA members accept more pain for a quicker gain
Government plans to limit major works on English strategic roads to two miles could backfire as more than half of AA members would rather endure extensive roadworks over 10 miles if it got the job done more quickly, rather than stringing it out in two-mile stretches over a much longer period, AA-Populus research reveals.
(22 September 2015)

Red alert - AA App deciphers warning light hieroglyphs
The AA alone averages around 17,000 warning light-related call-outs a month – including more than 4,600 red lights – which peaks when people change vehicle in the weeks following the new car registrations in March and September. The AA app can help drivers identify warning light symbols and take appropriate action.
(16 September 2015)

Bus Lane Entrapment? AA demands Government intervention
If thousands of drivers are getting tickets at the same junction then something is wrong and that junction/bus lane should be reviewed.
(14 September 2015)

Latest fuel consumption figures - UK motoring season failed to start as US drivers set new record
While petrol consumption in the US has shot up this summer and American motorists drive more miles than ever before, the UK’s motoring season got out of the garage but never left the driveway, AA analysis of new official statistics reveals.
(26 August 2015)

August fuel price update - loyalties tested as pump prices crash
A 9p-a-litre fall in the pump price of diesel this summer echoes the price collapse in the autumn of 2008, when the cost of diesel fell as much as 9p a litre in just one month. Ironically, both price crashes have coincided with declining diesel car sales after inflated fuel prices left owners feeling they were being treated like ‘chumps at the pumps’.
(21 August 2015)

‘C’ for caution and confusion at Dartford Crossing
Millions of UK drivers remain unaware of and confused by the new electronic charging scheme at the Dartford crossing. Almost three out of every five drivers who encounter the 'C' sign on the M25 take it to refer to the London congestion charge zone when it is supposed to indicate the Dart Charge, for crossing the Thames on the eastern side of the M25.
(19 August 2015)

New car tax bands change climate of ‘green’ car-buying incentives for the worse
Almost three out of every five AA members (59%) say there will be little or no incentive to buy low CO2 emissions cars following changes to the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) bands, which come into force in April 2017.
(31 July 2015)

Paying for parking - first port of call or last resort? Parking cost can be critical
High streets minister Marcus Jones’s recent call for free parking in small towns may have to be extended to bigger ones, a poll of thousands of drivers suggests. For the majority (71%), the amount charged for parking often determines whether or not they will visit a town centre, holiday resort or attraction.
(31 July 2015)

Street light switch-off study contradicts coroner and DfT evidence
The AA is extremely surprised by the study’s conclusion that there is no evidence of a link between street lights being switched off and road deaths and other casualties. Our own analysis of inquest findings uncovered six road deaths from 2009 to 2013 where coroners said the switching off of street lights had been a contributory factor.
(29 July 2015)

Summer getaway - drivers neglect basic car checks before travelling
Drivers taking holidays in the UK this summer are advised to leave home and come back on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday if their vacation period allows it. This is because 59% of AA members say they will go away by car for a long weekend in the UK this summer.
(24 July 2015)

Texting at the wheel - 70% of younger drivers would risk all for one roadside text
Driving instructors working for the AA will step up efforts this summer to convince young and other new drivers not to use mobile phones or text at the wheel – even when pulled over with the engine running. This follows AA-Populus research showing that more than 70% of younger drivers think it is acceptable to read and send texts when the car is stopped, idling at the side of the road.
(24 July 2015)

July fuel price update - supermarkets cut price of diesel to below petrol
The supermarkets’ decision to lower the price of diesel below petrol’s is very welcome, particularly for tradespeople who haven’t been able to get fuel card discounts, but this more realistic pricing has been too long in coming.
(21 July 2015)

Budget response - AA outrage at Insurance Premium Tax hike
The AA has criticised "an outrageous hike which could well backfire by leading to an increase in uninsured drivers", after the Chancellor today said that Insurance Premium Tax will be increased from 6% to 9.5%.
(8 July 2015)

Summer budget 2015 - Government should avoid motoring tax hikes
Government should avoid tax hikes on motorists in the Budget, warns the AA. A week ago, 73% of a Populus poll of 25,810 AA members said they fear a post-election rise in motoring taxes. Among blue collar workers, that worry rises to 83%.
(6 July 2015)

Leaving dogs in cars - you may as well leave your dog in an oven
As the UK sets to bask in 30 degree heat this week, Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, warns dog owners of the dangers of leaving their pets in parked cars, even for a few minutes. .
(1 July 2015)

Sparking the electric vehicle revolution - millions of second cars could be electric
Sparking the electric vehicle revolution could be achieved by flipping current thinking and homing in on the family second car, Edmund King, the AA’s president, will argue at this week’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership conference prior to the Battersea Formula E Grand Prix this weekend.
(24 June 2015)

June fuel price update - 37% cut back on car use as pump prices hit six-month high
Average UK petrol prices have reached a six-month high after bursting back above the 117p-a-litre mark for the first time since mid December – less than a penny shy of the 117.9p that broke the financial back of drivers just before the recession.
(19 June 2015)

Driving licence paper counterpart abolished - plan ahead if hiring a car at home or abroad
More than a third of drivers who have hired a car abroad in the past five years have been asked to show their photocard driving licence paper counterpart. The document showed a driver’s record, including offences and endorsements, but has now been abolished.
(9 June 2015)

10p-a-litre petrol price hike begins to break driver finances
A further 3p-a-litre increase in the price of petrol over the past month has boosted the spike since early February to more than 10p a litre or £5 a tank, the latest AA Fuel Price Report reveals.
(22 May 2015)

Double trouble: now Dartford Crossing charges drivers twice
A slew of complaints has emerged from motorists who diligently tried to pay the Dart Charge online, encountered system problems and then found they had been charged twice to use the crossing.
(18 May 2015)

Buying or selling a car - ghost car tax pulls in £38 million Government windfall
Double-taxing cars for the month they change hands, because previous owners can only claim back full months of unused tax and a new owner must tax the vehicle immediately, is generating a £38 million windfall for the Government, the AA estimates.
(4 May 2015)

April fuel price update - oil price falls, pump prices rise, politicians say nothing
Even though drivers contribute almost 10% of the Treasury’s entire £582.6 billion UK tax-take, the need for fair pricing on UK forecourts has so far been largely ignored by politicians seeking the votes of the UK’s 35 million motorists.
(17 April 2015)

AA Motorists’ Manifesto - 10% of UK tax from motoring, yet drivers ignored in election
Of the £582.6 billion raised in UK taxes last financial year, almost 10% came from motorists. In return, road users have to put up with roads that are covered in potholes, puddles and ponds and are often blacked out after midnight. The AA is calling on all motorists to support the AA #Vote4BetterRoads campaign.
(14 April 2015)

Council parking - 10-minute council parking ‘grace period’ begins
From 6 April 2015 drivers who park in regulated street spaces or car parks run by councils and overstay by up to 10 minutes will avoid a swingeing penalty charge. The AA has long argued that a £40 penalty charge for a brief overstay of a few minutes is particularly unfair and disproportionate.
(7 April 2015)

Goods vehicle speed limits increased
On Monday 6 April, speed limits for HGVs (goods vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes) increase by 10mph, from 50 to 60mph on dual carriageways and from 40 to 50mph on single carriageway roads.Motorway limits for HGVs remain unchanged at 60mph.
(2 April 2015)

Older drivers - safer for longer
Older drivers need to be helped to stay safe on the roads for as long as possible through a combination of training and technology, according to the AA Charitable Trust.
(31 March 2015)

March 2015 fuel price update - oil price surge adds another 3.5p to petrol price
After four years of a fuel duty freeze, a 5.5p-surge in average petrol prices over the past six weeks shows that the damaging price volatility is as bad as it was in March 2011.
(20 March 2015)

Budget 2015 - AA welcomes fuel duty freeze
The coalition has done its ‘fuel duty’ by shielding drivers from some of the impact of volatile fuel prices over the past four years by freezing fuel duty and we welcome the further freeze and cancellation of the scheduled fuel duty rise for September 2015.
(18 March 2015)

UK road fuel tax highest in EU - despite four years of a fuel duty freeze
AA research reveals that the UK continues to levy the highest level of road fuel tax in the EU – despite four years of a fuel duty freeze. With the Budget due on 18 March and fuel duty frozen until after the election, the AA challenges all political parties to commit in their election manifestos to a continued freeze on fuel duty and for two-thirds of fuel duty receipts being ring-fenced for road improvements.
(13 March 2015)

Road condition in England - bad road drainage leaves councils, and drivers, in deep water
Drivers across the UK say road drainage is as bad this winter as the last one. But, without the excuse of last winter’s ‘biblical’ amounts of rainfall, councils are facing deeper resentment from motorists, AA research has found.
(5 March 2015)

February fuel price update - pump price rebound fears confirmed as wholesale costs climb 15%
Deep scepticism among AA members that falling pump prices would quickly rebound has proved well founded. In the past fortnight, petrol and diesel prices have risen 1.5p a litre, according to the AA Fuel Price Report.
(18 February 2015)

AA DriveTech scoops the prestigous BusinessCar award
AA DriveTech has been named the best risk management provider at a prestigious industry awards ceremony.
(29 January 2015)

AA's 'Think Bikes' campaign goes global
The AA Charitable Trust’s Think Bikes campaign, which launched last March, is being launched across Europe, the Middle East and Africa by the FIA, the world motoring organisation. The campaign encourages drivers to do a double-take in their mirrors for those on two wheels.
(27 January 2015)

Winter gritting - UK drivers battle to escape frozen neighbourhoods
More than half of AA members (52%) are struggling to get out of their ice and snow-bound neighbourhoods on to gritted roads that will get them safely to work, their kids to school, and to other essential morning destinations, AA research reveals.
(21 January 2015)

Falling fuel costs - World Land Speed Record Challenge set to benefit
Falling oil prices continue to bring some new year cheer to drivers whether their car has 135bhp…or even 135,000bhp.
(21 January 2015)

January fuel price update - driver disillusion spurred supermarket pump price cuts
UK average petrol prices have fallen to their lowest since Christmas 2009, following a monthly fall that was only half a penny short of the second biggest ever recorded by the AA. A family with two petrol cars is now spending £50 a month less on fuel than in the summer.
(16 January 2015)

Dartford Crossing Charge - non-payment running at twice predicted rate
Following the closure of toll booths at the Dartford Crossing and the start of the Dart Charge remote payment system, figures released today by the Highways Agency show that the proportion of non-payers is twice what was expected.
(30 December 2014)

Petrol demand struggles despite lower prices, but diesel consumption hits record high
Petrol consumption by UK drivers continues to struggle to recover despite falling pump prices – up only 19 million litres or just 1.3% last month.
(23 December 2014)

December fuel price update - petrol’s drop is third biggest in 25 years
A 6.6p-a-litre crash in UK average petrol pump prices over the past month rivals the collapse in fuel prices during the credit crunch of 2008. It is the third biggest monthly fall in the 25-year history of the AA Fuel Price Report.
(19 December 2014)

Almost a fifth of drivers have driven the morning after a night of festivities
This year’s AA and Pernod Ricard UK anti-drink driving campaign is fronted by Jameson Irish Whiskey. Almost a fifth of drivers (19%) have driven the morning after a night of heavy drinking, even when they think they could have been over the limit.
(9 December 2014)

Road improvements - vast majority of drivers support £15bn road plans
The Government’s plans for £15bn of road improvements are supported by an overwhelming majority of motorists, according to a new AA Populus poll of almost 20,000 drivers launched at a Roads Conference in London today.
(8 December 2014)

Street-light blackout threatens a backlash in next year’s elections
New AA research reveals that accident rates on unlit town and city roads continue to get worse. This winter, however, discontent with street-light blackouts threatens a backlash in next year’s elections.
(5 December 2014)

A snow, frost or dirt-covered windscreen is a killer
Drivers who set off looking through a snow slit or peering through smears of road dirt on their windscreens contributed to 22 fatal or serious injury accidents last year. The AA’s president Edmund King will highlight these issues at this week's National Road Safety Conference in Brighton and Motor Cycle Live 2014 event in Birmingham.
(26 November 2014)

November fuel price update - petrol down 4p a litre but retailers still take all the flak
Average UK petrol prices have fallen by the equivalent of £2.37 a tank in the past month. However, forecourts have been the sole targets of criticism from drivers and politicians for not reflecting the recent oil price slump. This month’s AA Fuel Price Report shows that they share only part of the blame.
(21 November 2014)

Bus lane fine fear threatens emergency services response times
One in 10 drivers would not go into a bus lane to let a fire engine, ambulance or police car through – even if the sirens were wailing and the beacons flashing.
(19 November 2014)

Road Safety Week call for more courtesy
The AA is calling on all road users to be more courteous to each other as new research reveals three-quarters (73%) of motorists think drivers generally seem in a hurry and are not considerate enough.
(17 November 2014)

12 of the AA's top 20 flooding related breakdown sites are at fords
All of the AA’s top 20 flood rescue spots are in England, with 12 of them located at fords. The Environment Agency and the AA are urging drivers to be #floodaware.
(14 November 2014)

50 years of drink driving education
On the 50th anniversary of the first public information film about drink driving AA research shows that women are kicking the drink-driving habit more slowly than men.
(7 November 2014)

Mobile phone rage
Drivers who use hand-held mobile phones are causing a Halloween nightmare of road rage among the frustrated motorists who witness their dangerous behaviour.
(30 October 2014)

Federation of Off-Road Training launched
AA DriveTech and BORDA (British Off-Road Driving Association) have joined forces to create a new federation to establish new Codes of Conduct in the delivery of off-road training.
(23 October 2014)

October fuel price update - dramatic change in supermarket pricing leaves rural areas isolated
A dramatic change in pricing tactics by one of the big four supermarkets has brought bargain-priced fuel to towns that have gazed enviously for years at much cheaper neighbours. However, many parts of rural UK remain the land that fair pump prices forgot.
(17 October 2014)

The most popular car names - young drivers are more than twice as likely as older drivers to name their car
Four out of ten (39%) drivers have given their car a name, according to the AA Driving School. Women are far more likely than men to have named a car, with half (50%) saying they have done so compared to a third (33%) of men.
(6 October 2014)

Twilight dazzle - drivers urged to slow down as sunrise and sunset move into the rush-hour
The AA is urging drivers to slow down particularly at sunrise and sunset as AA research reveals that drivers and other road users blinded by the glare of the sun have contributed on average to 28 road deaths a year since 2010.
(3 October 2014)

The end of the paper tax disc - AA members to be sent windscreen badges to replace the tax disc
From 1 October a paper tax disc will no longer need to be displayed in the windscreen of vehicles. Drivers will still be required to purchase vehicle excise duty (ved) but will no longer receive a small perforated tax disc in exchange for their money. In response to the change, the AA will issue windscreen badges to members to fill that void.
(1 October 2014)

Hope of lower pump prices takes a pounding
Oil prices at an 18-month low should have driven UK petrol and diesel prices close to the level just after the January 2011 VAT increase.
(22 September 2014)

August fuel price update – petrol and diesel fall to new three-year low
This week’s supermarket price war has brought drivers in the UK a bank holiday boost with the average prices of petrol and diesel falling to new three-year lows.
(21 August 2014)

Quirky Euro driving rules - drivers heading to Europe face a maze of motoring rules
With the Port of Dover announcing an increase in ferry passengers to 250,000 in the first week of the summer holidays, the AA is reminding drivers heading to Europe to familiarise themselves with the local rules of the road.
(18 August 2014)

Fine for tailgaters having limited impact
Drivers are reporting encouraging signs that the fines brought in one year ago to tackle careless driving are starting to have an effect. But these positive signs could be stifled if the police do not enforce the measures.
(15 August 2014)

Do councils know where their drains are?
An end to ‘biblical’ levels of rainfall and flooding at the start of this year has failed to stop the plague of puddles and ponds on UK roads. Even with long dry periods this summer, drainage on main and local roads has often been unable to cope with sporadic downpours.
(14 August 2014)

Petrol pump price falls back to 130p a litre
Average petrol pump prices in the UK have fallen back to 130p a litre after a nervous two months of higher prices. Fortunately, retailer predictions in June of a 3p to 4p rise failed to materialise.
(6 August 2014)

Keep calm and drive - AA-Populus Poll reveals top in-car arguments
The cars on Britain’s roads are more likely to be filled with raised voices than happy chatter as thousands drive off to their summer holiday. An AA-Populus survey of 23,085 AA Members found that 65% argue in the car, with getting from A to B the issue that causes the most in car bust ups.
(6 August 2014)

Drivers’ biggest summer bugbears - litter bugs, slow caravans and groups of cyclists
Litter bugs who throw rubbish out of their car windows are the biggest summer annoyance to other drivers, reveals the AA. A third (34%) of drivers said this anti-social group topped the list of things that annoy them most about other road users in the summer.
(28 July 2014)

Driver distraction - adult passengers are the biggest in-car distraction for drivers
Adult passengers are the biggest in-car distraction for drivers, a survey of 18,026 AA members reveals. Nearly two out of five AA members say their attention has been significantly diverted by other people in the car, ‘old’ technology and ‘new’ technology in the past 12 months.
(22 July 2014)

July 2014 fuel price update - pump prices fall but EU considers fuel price regulation
After a brief rise, average UK petrol and diesel prices have started to fall again as oil supply concerns in Libya and the Middle East diminish, according to the latest AA Fuel Price Report. However, the European Commission has indicated that it will promote fuel price regulation, having been wowed by Austria’s up to 3.6% cut in petrol prices since introducing regulation in 2011.
(18 July 2014)

Power bill surges triggered a slump at the pump this spring
A suspicion that record low sales of petrol this spring were a reaction to surging domestic energy bills have been confirmed in a poll of more than 18,000 AA members. The slump at the pump occurred while petrol prices were at their lowest for three years.
(10 July 2014)

Turning off street lights - inquests reveal pattern of death on councils’ blacked out roads
Six deaths partly caused by councils switching off street lights to save money have left drivers no option but to drive on full beam along faster (40mph) residential roads, says the AA.
(4 July 2014)

June 2014 fuel price update - diesel drivers pay the price for cheaper petrol
Diesel drivers in the UK are paying up to 3p a litre more than they should for their fuel, research for June’s AA Fuel Price Report indicates. Not only is that taking up to £1.5 million a day extra from diesel drivers’ pockets, but the inflated cost of business transport is passed on to their customers and then non-motoring consumers.
(19 June 2014)

Confiscated keys and kickabouts
Drivers and their passengers will have to have their wits about them over the next month as football fans celebrate the World Cup with street kickabouts in the evenings and boozy televised games at night, the AA warns. Excitement and a football party atmosphere carry the risk of fans letting down their road safety guard and forgetting their normally cautious driving behaviour.
(12 June 2014)

Pump-price-war towns leave rural town retailers looking trigger happy
Average UK petrol prices went back above 130p a litre at the end of April and continue to hover around that level. However, a war where supermarkets have pitted vouchers against rock-bottom pump prices still leaves the cheapest petrol in many big towns and cities at year lows of just under 126p, according to May’s AA Fuel Price Report.
(16 May 2014)

Slow down and consult on 20mph zones, AA members tell councils
A headlong rush towards blanket 20mph zones in many UK towns and cities needs to slow down and take into account the views of residents. More than two-thirds of AA members want a say before a 20mph speed limit is imposed along their street.
(16 May 2014)

UK petrol sales lowest on record - but will winter heating switch-off revive demand at the pumps?
Sales of petrol in March plummeted to their lowest on record despite an average price below 130p a litre. A year ago, petrol sales hit the previous lowest point following the second coldest March on record and pump prices reaching 140p a litre, AA research reveals.
(6 May 2014)

A portrait of motoring Britain - five-year study reveals fear and loathing, and sheer joy, of UK motoring
A new AA-Populus study, A Portrait of Motoring Britain, covers a spectrum of six types of motorist, from the motoring for joy and drive to survive groups through to the rogues and the ‘cars are a necessary evil’ types.
(28 April 2014)

April fuel price update - stronger pound shields drivers from wholesale price rise
Average UK petrol pump prices continue to hold below the 130p a litre level despite pressure in the oil and wholesale fuel markets, the latest AA Fuel Price Report reveals.
(22 April 2014)

First all-lanes running 'smart' motorway - drivers need smart thinking on M25 with no hard shoulder
A third more road space on one of the UK’s busiest sections of motorway will ease the daily stress of hundreds of thousands of drivers. However, they will have to come to terms with there being no hard shoulder and a need to follow strictly speed and lane instructions, says the AA.
(11 April 2014)

Street lights - night-time accident reductions dimmed by council street light switch-offs
Night-time accidents in bad weather on 30 mph urban roads have been slashed by 15.6% over the past five years. But, where street lights have been switched off or are not present, the fall is just 2.0%, AA research reveals.
(10 April 2014)

Petrol sales - drivers punish uncompetitive supermarkets
Petrol prices at their lowest for nearly three years failed to revitalise UK pump sales during the last quarter of 2013, AA analysis of new government figures reveals. Overall, petrol demand in 2013 fell by more than 850 million litres, equivalent to 19 days consumption.
(4 April 2014)

Potholes - plummeting road condition leaves drivers deeper in trouble
Overall road condition in the UK has plummeted over the winter, a survey responded to by 23,911 AA members has uncovered. While 29% of respondents reported their local roads in a terrible condition in October 2013, that had risen to 40% by March 2014.
(3 April 2014)

Cash to stop the crash - AA supports campaign for government incentives to encourage take up of AEB on new cars
The Government should give incentives for people to buy safer cars with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) in the same way that incentives have been given for greener cars, according to Edmund King, AA president, speaking at a briefing in the House of Commons.
(25 March 2014)

Fuel price update - inflation-hit earnings hold back a driver and fuel retailer revival
Mid-March pump prices and fuel retailer offers have given the fortunes of UK drivers a distinctively spring-like feel.
(21 March 2014)

Budget 2014 - duty freeze still leaves the squeeze on drivers
Keeping fuel duty level for a fourth year is very welcome relief for UK drivers but the freeze still leaves the squeeze on families and businesses that rely on four wheels to function and prosper.
(19 March 2014)

In-car road safety events for businesses
AA DriveTech, the business driving arm of the AA, is launching a range of exciting experiences, in partnership with Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, for businesses looking to improve driver safety.
(13 March 2014)

Think Bikes! - AA launches national campaign supported by Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman and 20 times TT winner John McGuinness
Dramatic new figures show that nine out of ten drivers (93%) admit it is sometimes hard to see cyclists while driving and more than half (55%) are often ‘surprised when a cyclist appears from nowhere’. As a result of these findings the AA and the AA Charitable Trust have got together, with support from British Cycling and The Motorcycle Industry Association, to launch a national 'Think Bikes!' awareness campaign.
(7 March 2014)

Drivers send councils a warning shot on persistent puddles, pools and ponds on Britain’s highways
Attempts to convince council-tax-paying motorists that ponds and lakes on UK roads this winter are a one-off event fail to hold water with more than two thirds of AA members. While 68% of 23,700 AA-Populus survey respondents are prepared to accept that extreme weather has contributed to roads turning into watercourses, 67% blame councils for not maintaining drains well enough.
(28 February 2014)

February fuel price update - pump price postcode lottery leaves bitter sweet taste
Up to £2 a tank is being returned to drivers in small rural and coastal towns as the petrol price gap between towns with competitive pricing and those without closes from 5p a litre to as low as 2p. Drivers in those areas ask how it was acceptable for them to be over-charged for so long.
(21 February 2014)

Lack of knowledge about lorry laws - 81% don't know lorry limit on single carriageways
A majority of drivers do not know the speed limit for lorries on single carriageway roads, increasing the risk of road rage and accidents, warns AA DriveTech.
(13 February 2014)

More people are borrowing to buy cars
New figures show a sharp increase in the registration of new cars. But taking out a loan is more likely for buyers of used vehicles. For canny used car buyers a personal loan can pave the way to a good, low-mileage car.
(12 February 2014)

Car hierarchy - how drivers react to different cars and drivers
Classic or ‘whacky’ cars, such as 2CVs, old Beetles and Escorts, may have an advantage in beating traffic queues as one fifth of drivers are more likely to give way to them, according to an AA-Populus poll of 17,629 motorists.
(21 January 2014)

January fuel price update - petrol price refuses to fall below 130p a litre
Benchmark average UK petrol prices remain stubbornly above 130p a litre despite many retailers selling it for at least 2p less in most major towns and cities, the latest AA Fuel Price Report notes.
(17 January 2014)

AA acquires VVCR
The AA has today confirmed that it has acquired Dutch-based VVCR of Rijssen, Holland, as its first step into the international road risk management marketplace. The purchase price has not been released.
(17 January 2014)

New Year's financial resolutions
January is the time of year when people make resolutions for the year ahead. But for many, just getting in control of their money will top their New Year's resolution list.
(16 January 2014)

End of car tax transfer - ‘For sale, taxed’ to become illegal in 2.7 million private car sales
The proposed switch from relying on the display of a paper tax disc to a solely electronic record will end the transfer of the balance of car tax to the car's new owner.
(3 January 2014)

Millions risk drink driving this New Year’s Day
Around 7.5million drivers (21%) think they will have drunk at least 10 units of alcohol by 2am on New Year’s Eve, meaning they risk still being over the limit at midday on New Year’s Day.
(30 December 2013)

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