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Save more than £2,600 a year on fuel costs by going electric1


Cut your greenhouse emissions by up to 66% by going electric2


Almost 80,000 learners passed in an automatic in 2020

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Are electric vehicles expensive?

Owning an electric car isn't as expensive as you might think.

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Why is the EV franchise more expensive than a petrol or diesel one?
Currently, the upfront cost for an EV is more expensive than its petrol or diesel equivalent. However, with home charging we hope you’ll see your fuel spend would be similar or less than running an equivalent petrol or diesel car.
How do I maintain and service an electric car?
Our cars come with with fully maintained packages. However, your local garage or repairer may not be EV accredited right now. This might mean you need to travel slightly further to get your car serviced.
Can you guarantee when I’ll get my car delivered?
We'll work closely with you to ensure you have a specific handover date for your new car. This is so you can let your pupils know when you will be moving to an EV vehicle.
Will you supply me with pupils?
You'll have access to an uncapped supply of pupils, the same as if you were on a standard AA Full Franchise. 
Can I switch to an EV even though I currently teach in a manual car?
Yes. You'll need to manage your existing pupils’ expectations and let them know you'll be switching, though.
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Based on an average of 550 business miles per week.

2 energysavingtrust.org.uk/service/switching-electric-vehicles/