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About motorway driving lessons

Can I go on the motorway if I'm a learner driver?

It's been legal for learner drivers to have motorway lessons since 4 June 2018 in England, Wales and Scotland.

Although legislation is in the pipeline, learner drivers aren’t yet allowed on the motorway in Northern Ireland.

What do I need to bear in mind while driving on the motorway?

As motorway driving is faster than driving on most other roads in Britain, it can seem daunting at first if you're a learner. Here are some tips to help:

  • Stay calm: Keep a cool head and remember that motorway driving is a lot like driving on dual carriageways. In fact, the speed limit is largely the same as national speed limit dual carriageways. Plus your instructor is there for guidance and support.
  • Watch the speed limit: The speed limit isn’t always 70mph, as you might expect. Certain stretches of motorway have a limit of 50mph, and average speed cameras to enforce this. Speed limits may also change due to congestion or weather conditions, so keep checking the motorway signs.
  • Remember the 2 second rule: As a rule of thumb, you should be at least 2 seconds behind the driver in front. This goes up to 4 seconds in wet weather. Some parts of the motorway have chevrons (white arrows) to help you tell the distance you should be apart.
Which lane should I be in?

You should always aim to be in the left lane, unless you’re overtaking. Although people commonly refer to the ‘fast lane’, there’s really no such thing. There’s the left-hand lane, and all other lanes are overtaking lanes. And this is true whether the motorway is 2 lanes or 5.

Be careful not to hog the middle lane. If you’re overtaking a string of several vehicles, it might be safer to remain in the middle lane rather than repeatedly weaving in and out. But you should always move back into the left lane when you’ve passed the last vehicle.

In fact, middle-lane hogging has been a motoring offence since 2013. If you get caught doing this, a police officer can give you an on-the-spot fine of £100 and 3 points for careless driving.

Can I get motorway lessons even if I’ve passed my test?

Yes - having a full licence doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be confident enough to take on the motorway. So don't hesitate to book some additional motorway lessons with our friendly and qualified instructors if you need some practical support before you tackle one on your own.