Deadline to the breadline

Research highlights why life insurance is so important


Most of us don't realise how quickly our money could run out if anything happened to us or our partner as a result of a critical illness, or if the main household earner died.

The Deadline to the Breadline report from Legal & General shows that, on average, people in the UK could be on the breadline in just 29 days1. This reduces to 14 days for working age families (18 to 64 year olds). Many of us might think we could rely on state benefits, but these could be a lot less than our current income, and may not cover our bills and lifestyle.

AA Life Insurance, provided by Legal & General, the UK's number one term assurance provider2, could pay out a cash lump sum if you die during the policy term. You can choose the type of plan and level of cover to suit you.

This is not a savings or investment product and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made. Please read the Key Features document, and if relevant, our Guide to Critical illness Cover before applying.

Download the Deadline to the Breadline full report (PDF: 1.48MB) or see the report summary (PDF: 828KB) for key findings.

How do national results compare to your local area? Check out Legal & General's regional Deadline to the Breadline research. This research looks more closely at the financial stability of households in different regions of the UK.

1 Deadline to the Breadline research , Legal & General, 2014

2 Swiss Re Term & Health Watch Report 2014. Based on new individual term assurance sales in 2013.