Who do we plan to leave our money to?

Men and women plan to leave their assets differently, AA Life Insurance reveals

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Making a will is one of the things that many people intend to do, but they often put it off.

New research* from AA Life Insurance – released during Free Wills Month – reveals the gap between the numbers of men and women who have never written a will: 26% of men compared to 36% of women.

Women more likely to leave money to charity

Apart from the likelihood of having a will, men and women plan to leave their assets to different places. Women are more likely to leave money to charity: 22% of women compared to 14% of men. Men and women also seem to favour different sorts of charities. Men are most likely to donate to medical, animal, and then rescue charities. Women, on the other hand, support animal causes, followed by medical research then welfare charities.

Men are almost twice as likely as women to support an overseas aid charity (12% of men compared to 7% of women), while women are a third more likely to leave cash for a religious cause (15% of women compared to 10% of men).

Plan for the future

Mark Huggins, director of AA Life Insurance said: "Many people give money to charity when they can. But remember that when you die, your donations will only go to charities you support if you specify it in a will. That goes for what you want to leave to friends and family too."

Huggins continued, "As well as making a will, you may want to consider arranging a life insurance policy. People tend to take a policy out to help cover an outstanding mortgage or to leave a lump sum to family, perhaps to help with bills. Whatever your age, it's always a good idea to plan for the future, even if you're young and don't want to think about getting older."

As well as making a will, you may want to consider arranging a life insurance policy.

Mark Huggins, director of AA Life Insurance

Those who do not have a will are most likely to say it's because they haven't got round to it (51%) and 28% say they're happy for everything to go to their partner or children. Just 12% don't think they have enough assets to justify making a will, and 5% think making one is too expensive.

Unsurprisingly, the likelihood of having a will increases with age: just 14% of respondents aged under 35 have one, compared to 89% of people aged 65 and over.

Most popular for those giving to charity

Charity %
Animal (eg RSPCA) 36%
Medical research (eg Cancer Research) 33%
Welfare charity (eg Help for Heroes) 21%
Rescue (eg Air Ambulance) 20%
Other 17%
Religious organisation or trust 13%
Children's charity (NSPCC) 12%
Historical/conservation (eg National Trust) 10%
Overseas aid (eg Oxfam) 9%
Local community or trust 6%
Any charity 18%


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* Research carried out by Populus among 1,466 adults aged 18+ on 20 January to 2 February 2015

19 March 2015


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