British Insurance Premium Index

British Insurance Premium Index


The AA has been tracking the quarterly movement of car and home insurance since 1994.

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AA Insurance warns of used car flood danger
AA Insurance has warned that the used car market could be swamped with flood-damaged cars following the extreme weather of recent weeks.
31 December 2015

Mobile phone offences
AA Insurance has hailed the proposed increase in penalties for using a hand-held mobile phone or other device while driving as a ‘victory for common sense’.
21 December 2015

Christmas car parking
According to AA Insurance, car parking leads to more claims than any other single source and as Christmas shopping trips crank up, so too do reports of car park confrontations, dented Christmas pride and crunched panels.
10 December 2015

Texting while driving
Startling new research from the AA suggests that many drivers – especially young drivers – regard it as acceptable to read or compose text messages while in charge of a car.
24 July 2015

Who do we plan to leave our money to?
Making a will is one of the things that many people intend to do but often put off. New research from AA Life Insurance – released during Free Wills Month – reveals the gap between the numbers of men and women who have never written a will: 26% of men compared to 36% of women.
19 March 2015

When do house-movers feel at home?
When looking for a new home, movers have a gut feeling about whether or not they can see themselves living in a particular place. One in seven knows a property is right for them even before they step inside.
18 February 2015

AA Insurance welcomes potentially life-saving police ‘spy truck’ initiative
A police ‘spy from the cab’ campaign using unmarked heavy goods vehicles to target drivers making calls or texting from handheld phones could lead not just to fines but big increases in car insurance premiums for offenders.
18 February 2015

Planning for funeral costs
Death is one of the topics that many people avoid thinking or talking about. Whether it's because it's an uncomfortable subject to raise with their families, or because they don't know where to start with funeral planning, many people put off making provisions for their death.
28 January 2015

Car park damage
A new AA-Populus survey suggests that over the past 12 months just over half of motorists have suffered some damage to their car in a car park. But most car park prangs result in minor scrapes or dints that don't justify making an insurance claim.
2 January 2015

British Insurance Premium Index

British Insurance Premium Index


The AA has been tracking the quarterly movement of car and home insurance since 1994.

Insurance news 2014

Driving to Europe this winter? Winter tyres or snow chains are a legal requirement in many areas
Don't just jump in the car and go. Ensure that your comprehensive car insurance doesn't stay behind and do a little homework in advance of a trip to make sure you're properly prepared.
31 December 2014

AA welcomes agreement to establish Flood Re
The Flood Reinsurance Scheme (Flood Re) should be incorporated next year within the existing Water Act, which will then ensure that owners of flood-prone homes can obtain affordable insurance cover.
18 December 2014

UK's 'favourite age' is 34 says the AA
Most people have a particular time in their life that they look back on fondly. Research from AA Life Insurance reveals that the UK's favourite age is 34 – but not for the reasons you would expect.
8 December 2014

Uninsured car drivers are warned
The AA welcomes the two-millionth warning letter issued by the Motor Insurers' Bureau to a driver whose car was neither insured nor subject to a statutory off road notification.
27 November 2014

Landlord or tenant repairs?
According to research by AA Home Membership one in 10 tenants is responsible for household repairs to their rented property. But a third of renters have paid to fix something rather than ask their landlord to do the work. Why?
13 November 2014

Can you do it yourself?
It's a widely held belief that younger people are less handy than their parents. Research by AA Home Membership confirms the lack of 'DIY dad skills' among Generation Y, including perhaps the most basic of household repairs – the ability to change a fuse.
4 November 2014

Bonfire night - November is one of the least likely months to have a household fire
The fifth of November is traditionally a night of fun and mischief. But despite the fiery and explosive nature of Bonfire Night, AA Insurance data reveals that November is actually one of the least likely months of the year to have a household fire.
30 October 2014

Avoid winter damage to your home
The AA is encouraging householders to prepare their homes for winter. Our research shows that 80% of households have suffered some kind of property damage during the winter, often caused by the weather.
28 October 2014

Smokers pay more for life insurance
As we are now in Stoptober – the month when smokers are encouraged to quit – AA Life Insurance provided by Legal & General reminds us how smoking affects not only health, but finances, too.
23 October 2014

Annual heating switch-on in autumn
Research from AA Home Membership shows that almost four out of ten households (39%) turn their heating on in October, while more than a quarter (27%) usually puts theirs on in September.
30 September 2014

Gas Safety Week is launched
Research from AA Home Membership, released in support of Gas Safety Week, shows that households are at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning, as only half have a monitor in their home to detect the gas.
15 September 2014

AA Life Insurance surveys good advice
It's confirmed – mothers give the best advice. A survey of good advice shows some unusual results, but it's important to leave behind more than just advice.
27 August 2014

DIY time – are you handy or disastrous?
Brits are well-known for their love affair with DIY. In fact, many are so enamoured that even having a DIY disaster just won't put them off.
21 August 2014

Cheapest postcode for car insurance
The latest AA British Insurance Premium Index showed that the average quoted premium for an annual comprehensive car insurance policy has fallen by a record amount yet again. But the average masks big regional differences.
18 August 2014

Travel insurance for Europe?
With the holiday season in full swing, research from the AA reveals that almost one in ten holidaymakers visits Europe without travel insurance.
31 July 2014

Happy 20th birthday BIPI
The AA British Insurance Premium Index has been tracking the ups, downs and emerging trends of home and motor insurance since 1994.
25 July 2014

AA responds to Transport Committee’s fourth report on motor insurance
AA Insurance agrees with Louise Ellman MP, chair of the all-party Transport Committee, that further legislation is needed to curb the continuing rise in the number of people who attempt to make fraudulent or exaggerated whiplash injury claims.
4 July 2014

AA Life Insurance surveys bucket list dreams
Many people have a 'bucket list' of things they want to do. They tend to be once in a lifetime experiences such as travel the world – but research carried out for the AA by One Poll shows that some people just want everyday things out of the way.
19 June 2014

Insurance costs – AA welcomes findings of CMA insurance market probe
Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance says that if the Competition & Markets Authority proposals reduce premiums as they suggest, it will help to keep the high cost of owning and running a car in check.
13 June 2014

AA Insurance welcomes fraud detection figures
Nearly 2,300 attempts at insurance fraud are being detected by insurers every week, according to new industry figures.
30 May 2014

A third of homeowners make no effort to protect their valuables
New research reveals that just 12% keep their valuables in a safe, while more than a third say they don't even attempt to hide their most precious possessions.
28 May 2014

Nearly 60% of adults don't have life cover
Most people don't like to think about death, but many try to put some sort of plan in place in case the worst happens. Yet less than half of adults (41%) say they have life insurance.
8 May 2014

AA launches home insurance plus
A new home insurance policy from the AA aims to overcome homeowner concerns about what may be covered by their policy.
30 April 2014

An ideal time for home improvements
Research by Populus for AA Financial Services shows that a third of those borrowing money this year intend to use it for home improvements.
1 April 2014

One in five has been locked out of their home
Londoners are most likely to have been locked out of their home (35%) due to lost keys compared to those from Yorkshire and Humberside (13%).
11 March 2014

British Insurance Premium Index

British Insurance Premium Index


The AA has been tracking the quarterly movement of car and home insurance since 1994.

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