Caravan Essentials

A harsh winter is now melting into spring for many of us and the thoughts of many are turning to checking over and spring-cleaning the caravan and dreaming of far-away places yet to be discovered.

Certainly motorists could be divided into two camps – those who love caravans and those who consider them to be nothing more than a nuisance on Britain's roads. Well, perhaps it is they who are missing out because there is certainly a compelling appeal in taking your home with you and waking up somewhere with new neighbours – or no neighbours at all.

So where will you be hitting the road to? Carcassonne may be on your wish list but with the poor exchange rate, high price of fuel and the generally higher cost of living then maybe the Cotswolds or any other of countless beautiful UK destinations is more within your resources. If you are planning places to visit with your caravan, whether just for the odd long weekend or for a week or two then there are ideas a-plenty from the AA.

So if you are staying within these shores, you might be thinking that your caravan insurance needs a spring-clean too. The chances are it includes valuable benefits such as year-round overseas cover but do you need that?

Essential cover

The AA's standard or select caravan cover is ideal for the adventurous traveller, but a new product has just been launched for those who have a perfectly normal family touring caravan and want insurance without the 'bells and whistles'.

Christened 'AA Caravan Essentials' it offers the cover you expect and still retains up to 30 days' cover in Europe, just in case you do decide to hop over to the Republic of Ireland or France.

Karen Jakes, head of AA Caravan Insurance, explains the differences. "It is aimed at owners who have a caravan valued at up to £10,000. But it still provides up to £2 million public liability cover, accidental damage and theft cover. However, it has a minimum excess of £150 (instead of £100), it excludes legal cover (which can be added for just £15) and family cover, which is also optional."

So what if you change your caravan and suddenly decide to spend a year touring round Europe?

"Well, it is easy to upgrade to Standard or Select," says Karen. "What this new cover means is that you can adapt to your own personal caravanning ambitions. It's perfect if your horizon this year is the Cotswolds or the Cairngorms. But what will next year bring? If you decided to that a trip across Europe to see the Med from the beaches of Carcassonne, then your insurance can easily be changed to take that into account, too."

Discounts are available if you're arranging your cover online, an AA member or already have AA Car, Home, Travel or other insurance.

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