Lewis survives press conference trial

Lewis Hamilton survived an embarrassing press conference when two of his biggest F1 rivals again seemed to suggest that there is no love lost between the Brit and some of his fellow drivers.

Two-times world champion Fernando Alonso recently commented that he would rather have Felipe Massa win the drivers championship than see the Brit crowned. He also stated that he would like to help the Brazilian to glory despite the fact that Massa drives for a separate team.

At yesterday’s press conference, while seated just three feet away from Hamilton, he was a little less brave with his comments but still refused the invitation to retract them.

"When you finish the race and see the results, you prefer some drivers to win or some teams to win compared to others," Alonso said, adding that he would now prefer his friend, rank outsider Robert Kubica, to win the crown.

Kimi Raikkonen has no chance of winning this season’s title. When asked if the other drivers were jealous of the attention that Hamilton receives, he enigmatically said: "I’m happy with my life, I wouldn’t change it."

A dignified Hamilton said nothing memorable at the press conference. He later posted the fastest lap during practice for Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix.

Written by James Christie


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