‘Thousands’ of parking fines to be repaid?

A tribunal has over-ruled a £50 parking fine issued by one of Southend Council’s CCTV camera cars. An adjudicator threw out the fine after it was proved a traffic warden could have carried the same check out on foot. It’s a ruling which paves the way for thousands of drivers to argue penalties were incorrectly issued.

A Traffic Penalty Tribunal adjudicator issued the ruling following Roger Hutchinson’s appeal against Southend Council’s £50 penalty. A driver of Southend’s CCTV-equipped car caught Hutchinson parked outside his own house in a disabled bay, without the required blue disabled badge.

Hutchinson claims to have simply been swapping his cars around, not actually parking and by getting out of the car to check, the CCTV driver had proved a traditional traffic warden could have carried out the enforcement.

Hutchinson said: “These cars were brought in to catch people parking dangerously near schools and on double yellow lines, which is fine, but it now just seems like overkill on the council’s part. The cars are intimidating and, in my eyes, an abuse of human rights.”

Southend Council confirmed they would take the case to the British Parking Association. It continues.


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  1. Janet Morris on

    I recieved a parking fine even though I had purchased a parking ticket on the seafront in view of cameras. Alas the little plastic clip in my car failed to hold the ticket in place and it slipped slightly and one digit on ticket was not displayed! ~I was angry but thought it would be fine when we provide proof but NO the ticket fine stood!!! I only visited because having recently lost my father I wanted to revisit places he’d taken me as a child. Memory well and truly tarnished as place was awful and cost me a fortune to park! will NEVER go near the place again EVER. Council lacks common sense and bully boy tactics aren’t my thing.