Smart driving ‘can cut waste’

The RAC is urging motorists to save cash, and the environment, by adopting some simple driving and motor maintenance techniques.

The motoring organisation estimates that driving around whilst lost, overloading the car with cycle carriers, top boxes and heavy luggage when not needed, and driving with tyres inflated to the incorrect readings, is costing Britain the equivalent in 267 Olympic-sized swimming pools full of fuel, or £2.2 billion, in wasted petrol and diesel.

David Bizley, RAC’s technical director, comments: "With fuel prices at a record high, adopting eco driving techniques is an easy way for consumers to reduce their fuel consumption to help purses, wallets and the environment.

"We hope that by raising awareness of the simple changes motorists can make to their driving style, they will be able to absorb some of the increasing cost of fuel through their own driving habits."

The RAC also asks drivers to anticipate the road conditions, and avoid harsh braking and rapid acceleration.


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