‘Savings to be made’ on car insurance

In a market of rising motoring costs, there are savings to be made for drivers in the insurance sector, according to American Express.

A survey by the insurance provider reveals that 20 per cent of motorists have changed their driving habits as a result of the increased cost of petrol announced in this year’s Budget.

Another 15 per cent of people said they simply use their car less, ten per cent have changed to a more economical vehicle, but only one per cent said they have made the effort to use public transport more often.

However, only 57 per cent of people have taken the initiative and searched around to make savings on their car insurance, according to American Express.

"The cost of motoring seems to rise year on year and whilst there is little motorists can do to cut the cost of fuel or road tax, insurance is one area where real savings can be made," said Joanne Field, marketing manager for American Express Motor Insurance.

The best ways for drivers to keep cover premiums down, according to the company, are to keep their cars safe with alarms and immobilisers, park off the road if possible, shop around for the best packages on offer and choose the most suitable cover for their needs.


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