National Liftshare Day

On the day when crude oil prices have surged to 140 US dollars per barrel, which could lead to further petrol and diesel pump price rises, Monday June 9th is National Liftshare Day.

The RAC Foundation says that up to three-quarters of commuter costs can be saved purely by filling the cars with passengers on the way to and from work.

Sheila Rainger, deputy director of the Royal Automobile Foundation, said: "In light of current high fuel prices, motorists should not overlook the potential benefits of car sharing, which can reduce the cost of their journeys by up to three quarters.

"National Liftshare day is the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Car sharing is unlikely to be the answer for everyone, especially for those living in rural areas, but it is one option available to motorists who are looking for ways to take control of spiralling costs."

Parents looking to share school-run costs should check the legal requirements for car child-safety seats and fitting.


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