More Scottish women drink-driving

A growing number of women in Scotland are taking to the roads while intoxicated, according to new figures.

The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos) said that since this year’s festive clampdown on the offence began, more than 100 females had been caught driving while above the legal alcohol limit.

Assistant Chief Constable Jim Green, secretary of the Acpos road policing business area, described this figure as "disappointing", adding that it dispelled the myth that middle-aged men were the worst offenders.

He commented: "A wide spectrum of people in Scotland are taking a risk with their safety and that of others."

Drivers were also advised that the police were determined to catch all those who got behind the wheel while inebriated, regardless of their age or gender.

This comes after Strathclyde Police recommended that people avoid alcohol completely if they were planning to drive.


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