More people consider car-sharing

The increasing cost of motoring is causing more people to consider car-sharing, it has been revealed.

New research from has revealed that 43 per cent of UK drivers would consider car-sharing as a means of getting to and from work.

However, 43 per cent also said they wouldn’t be prepared to car-share, with safety concerns and the associated inconvenience being cited as the main deterrents.

A further 14 per cent said they would car-share if there were car-sharing lanes available.

Commenting on the findings, Faye Sunderland, editor of, said that it was "a shame" that so many Brits chose to commute to work by themselves.

"Car-sharing has fantastic potential especially if we see investment into high-occupancy lanes rather than just constant penalising of the UK’s motorists," she said.

According to figures from the Department of Transport, 60 per cent of car journeys in 2006 were single occupancy. This figure rose to 85 per cent for commuting and business journeys.

Written by Osbourne Ruddock


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