Dropping below 3,000 road deaths is ‘a positive milestone’

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (Iam) has welcomed Department for Transport statistics released this week which show that road deaths in the UK fell to below 3,000 in 2007.

There were 2,946 road deaths last year, a reduction of seven per cent from 2006 figures. Serious injuries fell to 27,774 – down three per cent – and slight injuries were 217, 060 (a four per cent reduction).

Iam Trust Director Neil Greig thinks that "dropping below 3,000 deaths is a positive milestone" but warned that there "can be no room for complacency".

Mr Greig said: "It’s too easy with statistics to forget the individuals that lie behind the numbers.

“Every one of those road deaths in 2007 was a particular tragedy – with lives ruined and families grieving."

Roughly forty per cent of the people killed or seriously injured are car occupants.

"The vast majority of those car crashes need never happen – more than 90 per cent are as a direct result of driver error," the expert pointed out.

Written by Shangri Larrson


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