Drivers should ‘take car insurance on holiday’

Motorists planning to drive their car while abroad are being advised to carry their supporting car insurance documents at all times.

Insurance company Cornhill Direct said this could be important as new research found that 23 per cent of drivers would not know what to do if they had an accident in another country.

Some 30 per cent admitted to having a "near miss" while driving abroad and five per cent had actually been involved in an accident, it was found.

Furthermore, three-quarters of respondents said they were "apprehensive" about taking to the road in a foreign place.

"Motorists intending to drive their car abroad should talk to their insurer to make sure they are covered for every eventuality," said Cornhill Direct spokesperson Mark Bishop.

The company also urged drivers to take their driving licence and vehicle registration documents with them on holiday.

Meanwhile, comments from the RAC this week saw the motoring organisation suggest that policyholders check whether driving abroad is covered by their car insurance.


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