Fuel Postcode Lottery Must Stop

Calls for an end to the fuel postcode lottery are growing. Campaign groups are calling for the Government to look at the puzzling postcode lottery which sees some drivers pay over £250 a year for an identical product.

Santander Credit Cards has conducted research which shows The Shetland Islands to be the most expensive place in the country to fill up. At 145.9p a litre, the average car travelling 12,000 miles would cost drivers an eye-watering £2,279 a year. Incredibly, Grampian, the next region directly south, has petrol at.129.7p a litre! In Humberside, petrol is 137.9p and in Denbighshire, Wales, just 130.9p.

The survey comes hot on the heels of news that UK motorists pay twice as much as their American cousins for the same fuel. In the UK, we pay more than the French, Germans, Belgians and Swiss. Bloomberg’s Gas Price Ranking showed that UK drivers pay on average £1.32 per litre – 20p more than Spanish drivers and 4p more than wealthy Swiss motorists.

The AA’s Luke Bosdet noted:

“It’s a constant headache for British drivers that our fuel is among the most expensive in Europe. The only relief many motorists get is when they go abroad on their holidays. So much of British petrol prices are down to tax that when there are large fluctuations in oil prices, the impact is not as large.”


The Tax Payers Alliance and the Petrol Retailers Association have decided to add weight to FairFuelUK’s recent successes in freezing Fuel Duty and like the leading and most successful FairFuelUK Campaign, they have also created an on-line way to write to MPs about the excessive level of fuel tax.

To join the fight for lower petrol and diesel prices, click here http://www.fairfueluk.com/


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