Jaguar XK gets new look for its 60th birthday

The Jaguar XK is to get a new look in time to mark its 60th birthday at this year’s British International Motor Show.

Called, of course, the XK60, the new car’s style will pay homage to the iconic image of its predecessors.

Alongside it on the XK60 stand will be the XKR-S, a limited edition moody black sports coupe which is effortlessly capable of 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds and can reach a speed of 174mph, making it the fastest Jaguar since the XJ220 super car.

Visitors to the motor show should bear in mind that with just 50 available in the UK, every XKR-S is already spoken for.

But there is always the chance to buy the Jaguar XF, which won the car of the year award from What Car? magazine this year.

The XF range has also won design of the year from Autocar, limo of the year from Top Gear magazine, interior of the year from Car magazine and car of the year from the Sun.


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