Electric charging sites now outnumber petrol stations | AA Cars

New statistics have revealed that electric vehicle charging sites have surpassed petrol stations on UK roads for the first time.

According to data from electric charging map service Zap-Map, there are now 8,471 locations to top up an electric vehicle – compared to 8,400 petrol stations at the end of April, a number which is also in decline. 

At those sites, there are now 13,613 charging points, and that number is only going to go up as the popularity of EVs increases. That figure has gone up by 57% in the last 12 months alone.

Statistics from Zap-Map also said that the current 210,000 electric vehicles on UK roads will grow to more than 1 million by the end of 2022. The government has set a target of having only zero-emission vehicles on sale by 2040. 

The charger technology is set to improve, too. The current 50kW ‘rapid’ units that can replenish an EV in under an hour will develop into 350kW ‘ultra-rapid’ chargers when the range of battery-powered models improve.

Ben Lane, Zap-Map co-founder and chief technical officer, said: “The public and private sectors are now investing heavily in the UK’s EV charging infrastructure to ensure that there are sufficient charging points to support the growing electric fleet. 

“This month’s milestone reveals of the rapid pace of change already underway as the age of the combustion engine gives way to an all-electric era with vehicles offering both zero-emissions and a better driving experience.”

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