Cheap breakdown cover

Be sure to check the small print

May 2013

Cheap breakdown cover

If you're after cheap breakdown cover, sometimes it can pay to shop around.

If you're after cheap breakdown cover, it can pay to shop around. And be on the look-out for extra benefits, which could help you save money on top.

Cheap deals

For example, we've been running a number of promotions, from free MOTs to money to spend at Not only that, an AA membership card unlocks a huge range of additional savings, offers and benefits.

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It will always be cheaper to buy a year's policy forced to call someone out

Cost effective
Remember it will always be cheaper to buy a year's policy than to break down and then be forced to call someone out.

It's worth knowing that a tow alone could cost upwards of £150. So, £30 for a policy will be money well spent.


It's not just about price. When you compare breakdown cover, check the policies offer the same benefits. Ways in which providers keep their costs down are by cutting the actual benefits of cover or the services themselves.

Some companies offer additional savings and rewards schemes alongside their cover that can make life cheaper. For example, your AA Breakdown card can help you save on everyday living.

And that's just on the road. You can also enjoy travel savings, special discounts and other cheap deals.

Payment tips

Certain payment methods can also equal cheap breakdown cover. Methods that renew automatically, rather than one-off options, can be a way of keeping costs down. An added benefit is that you get uninterrupted cover.

Compare breakdown companies

Don't be tempted to scrimp on cover if you rely heavily on your car. But if you do opt for cheaper cover, check you're getting good value for money. See our tips on how to compare breakdown cover.