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The AA is the UK's biggest breakdown service provider. We have more customers than any other major breakdown provider. This includes customers who have directly chosen us as their breakdown provider by actively joining the AA online, by calling us up to become Members, or by speaking to an AA member of staff. This is in addition to our business customers. We confirmed this by looking at the number of AA Members published in the AA's interim report for 2022 and comparing against our biggest competitor1.


More dedicated Patrols

We also have more expert and dedicated Patrols who attend and repair more breakdowns than any other UK breakdown provider. We’ve confirmed this by looking at the number of Patrols directly employed by the AA and attended breakdowns published in the AA's Annual Report and Accounts for 2021. We've also looked at our average roadside repair rate and compared the AA against our biggest competitor2.

Other breakdown providers may not have a fleet of patrols whom they directly employ and instead operate a "smart network of rescue specialists".


Patrol training and expertise

Our Patrols’ expertise is based on their extensive experience of working in the car repair and wider automotive industries – this experience is a prerequisite of our recruitment criteria. All new Patrols must complete a robust induction programme which places customer service at its core and focuses on technical skill development, as well as our approach to breakdown service delivery.

Our focus on expertise doesn’t end once our Patrols have passed their inductions and are out on the road. As part of our culture of continual professional development, our Patrols are subject to ongoing competence and technical assessments, and we ensure they receive regular training to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in automotive technology.

We also have an internal mentorship programme which encourages knowledge sharing across our Patrols and provides opportunities for coaching and technical support.


The number 1 choice for electric vehicle breakdown cover

UK drivers have consistently rated us as their first choice for electric vehicle breakdown cover against all other major breakdown providers, according to the Brand and Market Tracker study3 from September 2021 to September 2022.

 A graph showing the AA is the commonly chosen breakdown cover provider for electric vehicles.

Plus, you’ll know your electric vehicle is in safe hands because all of our Patrols have ‘Level 1 – Electric Vehicle Awareness’ training. And over one-third of our Patrols are trained in ‘Level 2 – Electric Vehicle Prepared', which has become standard for all new joiners to the AA Patrol workforce.

  • Level 1 – EV Awareness. The Patrol has knowledge of high-voltage and EV systems and is able to work safely on the vehicle but not directly on the high-voltage system.
  • Level 2 – EV Prepared. The Patrol is able to isolate and reinstate the vehicle's high voltage system where it might be necessary to do so for safety reasons.


The best service and most trusted brand

UK drivers have also consistently rated us as the best breakdown service against all other major breakdown providers, according to the Brand and Market Tracker study3 from August 2020 to September 2022.

 A graph showing that most respondents would choose the AA for their breakdown cover provider from August 2020 to September 2022. This is in comparison with the RAC and Green Flag.


This driver confidence in the AA is further reinforced by the latest independent Mintel Vehicle Recovery report (September 2022), in which consumers rated the AA as their most trusted, most recommended and favourite brand of those covered by the survey4.

The experts at Which? also agree that our breakdown service is excellent – we're a 2022 Which? recommended breakdown service provider. And this is the fifth year in a row we've received this accolade.


Speed and reliability

With our breakdown cover, you'll get unlimited call-outs included without it costing you any extra, as long as it’s not for a repeat call-out for the same fault within 28 days.

Our Patrols will usually get to you in less than an hour and get you back on the road in around 30 minutes of arrival – whether it's rain, hail or shine. Their expertise also means that we fix 4 out of 5 cars at the roadside. This has been proven by our data on the breakdowns that AA Patrols respond to, as well as an independent reliability study from What Car?.

What's more, our handy app means you can report a breakdown with the tap of a button. Our expert Patrols pinpoint your exact location while you can track us in real-time – right up until the moment we arrive.



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