What does AA Breakdown cover include?

How our cover works

Looking to buy? Top questions about our UK cover

  • Am I covered in any vehicle?
    If you buy personal cover for you, for 2, or for a family, everyone on the policy will be covered in any vehicle. Vehicle cover will cover 1 specific vehicle, no matter who's driving it.
  • Is my caravan covered?
    Yes - we cover caravans, campervans and trailers as well as cars, motorbikes and vans. That's as long as it's less than 3.5 tonnes (3,500kg) and 8ft 3in (2.55m) wide.
  • How many call-outs do I get?
    You'll get unlimited call-outs included with your cover without it costing you any extra. (But it can't be a repeat call-out for the same fault).

Already with us? Top questions about breakdown cover

  • How soon can I use my cover?
    Your cover starts 24 hours after the start date you choose (which can be up to 60 days from when you buy). A card will arrive within 28 days. 
  • Can I add a family member?
    Yes - it's easy to add a family member like a child or partner to your membership. Just call us on 0343 316 4444 and we'll help.
  • Am I covered in Europe?
    Your policy gives you equivalent cover in Ireland with AA Ireland. But 
    you'll need European Breakdown Cover outside the UK and Ireland.

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Frequently asked questions about our cover

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What does AA breakdown cover include?

Our breakdown cover gives you peace of mind that you'll be able to get help if you break down. Your roadside assistance will always include:

  • 24/7 cover for breakdowns over 1/4 mile from home
  • a tow to a nearby garage if we can't fix your vehicle at the roadside
  • unlimited call-outs
  • If you have an accident, we'll be there to support you with Accident Assist

You can also add extra levels of cover to your policy to build a package that suits you.

Just so you know, you won’t be covered for the following:

  • roadside assistance after a breakdown or accident that involves the emergency services
  • routine maintenance and running repairs
  • repeat call-outs for the same fault

Please read our terms and conditions for full details on inclusions and exclusions.

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How much cover do I need?

Our breakdown cover's flexible and comes with different amounts of cover. That means you can add and remove bits to create the right policy for you.

Our standard cover includes Roadside Assistance which applies once you're over ¼ mile from home. We’ll send a mechanic to help you any time of the day or night in the UK. And if we can’t fix your vehicle by the roadside, we’ll tow you to a local garage for repair.

All our policies include Roadside Assistance. But if you want more flexibility, you can add these handy extras:

National Recovery
  • We'll recover your vehicle to any single destination in the UK.
  • We’ll take you, your vehicle and up to 7 passengers to wherever you need to be .
  • We can take you back home, back to the start of your trip or on to the end of your journey.
  • It's useful if we can't fix your vehicle at the roadside and a local garage can't do the repair quickly.
At Home
  • You'll be covered even within ¼ mile of home, right up to your doorstep.
  • Around 1 in 4 breakdowns happen at home, so it could be useful to have.
Onward Travel
  • If your vehicle's out of action while it's being repaired, we'll keep you moving.
  • We'll help you finish your journey with a choice of car hire, overnight accommodation or public transport costs.
Parts and Garage Cover
  • We'll give you help with garage repair bills after a breakdown.
Smart Breakdown
  • With our clever little device you can connect your car and smartphone, so you know what your car's really saying.
  • Get fault alerts and technical help from our trained team to help prevent breakdowns.
  • Helps us know what's wrong with your car and where you are if you break down.
  • Compatible with most cars manufactured from 2005 onwards.
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Peace of mind from £6 a month

Buy breakdown cover

Do I need personal or vehicle cover?

When you take out a breakdown policy with us, you can choose from personal or vehicle cover.

These are the options for personal cover, which cover you in multiple vehicles:

  • Cover for you - As a driver or passenger in any vehicle (including cars, vans and bikes).
  • Cover for two - Joint cover for you and someone you live with, as drivers or passengers in any vehicle.
  • Family cover - Cover for you and up to 3 other people you live with, as drivers or passengers in any vehicle.

Or you can choose vehicle cover:

  • Vehicle cover - Cover for one vehicle, whoever's behind the wheel.

If you’d like to buy personal cover on someone else’s behalf, please call us on 0800 085 2721.

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What type of vehicles do you cover?

We'll come to your rescue if you’re in a car, van, minibus, motorhome or on a motorbike.

  • We'll cover vehicles of any age or mileage.
  • Your vehicle must weigh less than 3.5 tonnes (3,500kg)
  • It can't be wider than 8ft 3in (2.55m)

This also applies to any caravans and trailers being towed, to make sure that we'll be able to recover your vehicle if we need to.

However, if your vehicle's used for reward – like a taxi, limo or delivery vehicle – we can't offer our optional Parts and Garage Cover.

If you want cover for a business fleet of cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles, you'll need business breakdown cover.

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How soon will I be covered?

  • Your cover will start 24 hours after the start date you choose. You can set a start date up to 60 days from the day you buy.
  • You can only claim on Parts and Garage Cover for breakdowns that happen after the first 14 days of your cover.

You'll get your documents and membership card(s) through the post within 28 days. Make a note of your membership number as soon as you buy, or keep your confirmation email to hand, just in case you break down before you get your documents.

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Why should I choose the AA?

Our excellent breakdown service has been awarded 5 stars by independent research company Defaqto, and more than 95% of our reviews recommend us.

  • We're the UK's largest breakdown cover company, with over 2,700 mobile mechanics.
  • We fix 8 out of 10 cars at the roadside - more than anyone else.
  • Our trained experts rescue someone every 11 seconds.
  • You'll get exclusive Smart Benefits and discounts when you join.
  • We'll handle everything after an accident with Accident Assist

We've been getting people back on the road for over 100 years – since 1905, in fact. Back then, we promised to campaign for road safety and put our Members first. And we're still doing that today.

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More FAQs about our breakdown cover

Why do I need breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement but it can make your life easier and take away stress when you're driving. If you break down, all you need to do is contact us. We’ll fix your vehicle by the roadside or tow you to a garage if it needs repairs.

And it’s good to know that buying cover in advance normally works out cheaper than joining at the roadside after you've broken down.

To help you decide, read about how to compare breakdown cover.

Can I join the AA and use it right away?

Our standard breakdown policies start 24 hours after you buy. That means you can't call us out within 24 hours of getting your cover.

But if you've broken down now and want to join us to get help, you can buy instant breakdown cover. Call us on 0800 88 77 66 for immediate cover.

How much does AA breakdown cover cost?
It's easy to buy cheap breakdown cover with us. A membership with us starts from just a few pounds a month for vehicle cover.
Can I add another car to my AA membership?

Vehicle cover provides cover for anyone driving 1 named vehicle. If you have this type of cover, you can't add another vehicle to your policy. But you can change which vehicle is covered by your policy. Just fill out this quick form to change your vehicle.

If you drive more than 1 vehicle regularly, it might be better for you to take out personal cover, which covers you in any vehicle you drive or are a passenger in. It might be a good option if you're looking for multi-car breakdown cover.

What is AA family cover?

Our family breakdown cover provides cover for you and up to 3 people you live with. You'll be covered as both drivers and passengers in any vehicle.

You could add on your partner, family members, housemates and children - even if they're students temporarily living away from home.

What about driving in Ireland or Europe?

The Republic of Ireland isn't covered under UK membership but we do have a deal with AA Ireland. It means you’ll get an equivalent level of service if you break down there (apart from Parts and Garage Cover, which won't apply).

If you’re driving in Europe or want extra cover while travelling to the Republic of Ireland, European Breakdown Cover is a good choice.

You can choose from European single-trip or annual multi-trip cover. Both give you access to over 40,000 quality-assured garages in 44 countries across Europe.

Does the AA change tyres?

Yes. In fact, flat tyres are one of the most common reasons why Members call us out. We can remove your flat tyre and fit your spare there and then.

If you don't have a spare, all our trained mechanics carry a special spare wheel which fits most cars. We'll fit it on for you and come with you to a garage to buy a new one.

Even if you need a tow to a garage, most of our vans have towing equipment on board, so you won't have to wait for a truck.

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