VW teams up with National Trust in eco-friendly effort

Volkswagen (VW) is looking to put across the importance of being more environmentally-friendly on the road with the help of the National Trust.

A series of roadshows on protected sites across the UK have got underway in Yorkshire, Cheshire and Wiltshire, with more scheduled for later in the month.

One attraction will be VW’s new Polo BlueMotion vehicle, available for visitors to test drive.

The model emits 99 g of CO2 per km and had a combined fuel consumption figure of 74.3 mpg.

"Drivers can have an enormous impact on reducing fuel consumption and emissions whatever vehicle they drive," said Peter Stokes, VW environment manager.

He added: "At VW we work hard to improve the technology in our products to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency."

Meanwhile, the firm has commented that it would like to be selling eight million vehicles per year by 2010.


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