Volkwagen Polo and co to make a “big impact”

Over the approaching few years smaller cars such as a Volkswagen Polo seem set to make a "big impact" as motorists look to make financial savings where possible, it has been stated.

Mike Waters, director of market insight at Arval, has written in the Ayrshire Post that in the current economic climate smaller vehicles are a "sensible option" for motorists.

He argued that "the up-front costs of purchase tend to be less and there is potential to save thousands of pounds on running costs".

Furthermore, by buying a smaller vehicle, motorists will also be able to get more miles per gallon from their fuel.

A motorist could achieve 74.3 miles to the gallon from a Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion, according to Mr Waters, while a Ford Fiesta ECOnetic is more eco-friendly and provides drivers with 76.3 miles to the gallon.

He concluded that although small cars may not be beneficial for all motorists, such as those with bigger families, they should be considered over the coming years by everyone looking at changing their current vehicle.

Car Magazine stated in a review of the VW Polo Bluemotion 1.4 TDi that the vehicle’s choice of "eco-warrior tyres" contributes towards its "supple ride".


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