Volkswagen Polo arrives on the market at the optimum time

The new Volkswagen Polo has been brought to the market at exactly the right time to take advantage of an increasing want for smaller cars among motorists, it has been mentioned.

Writing about the Polo, What Car? highlights that currently many motorists are shying away from "big, thirsty cars" and instead are opting for something much smaller and more affordable.

This plays into the hands of the new Polo, with the Bluemotion model being among the kindest to a driver’s wallet.

Motorists will be able to achieve 74 miles per gallon of fuel from one of two new 1.6-litre diesel engines, while only generating 96g/km of CO2.

Alongside its great economy, the vehicle has benefitted from extra body stiffening, which is said to improve both refinement and handling.

Overall, What Car? states that the latest vehicle is "everything you expect from a Polo".

Fifth Gear highlighted in its review of the Polo that the vehicle is "still one of the classiest superminis" on the market.


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