Everything ‘feels right’ with the new Volkswagen Golf

"Everything about it just feels right" – that it the way that the Volkswagen Golf has been described by a review of the vehicle.

Girlracer has indicated that there is a strong reason why the Golf was voted as the 2009 World Car of the Year, as it is currently the model that closely fits to being the "best".

It is stated by the review that the vehicle is up there in terms of what it is like to drive, while also not being too hard on the wallet when it comes to being bought.

Among the strong aspects of the model, according to the reviewer, is that the car has "great poise, the balance is near perfect, it feels solid and well made, it is comfortable, it is nimble and there is a choice of three and five door models".

Meanwhile, motorists can also benefit from the inclusion of a number of suitable examples of standard equipment such as traction control, remote central locking, front electric windows and air conditioning.

Overall, the review states that the 2009 Volkswagen Golf has a "great all-round package" and impresses in almost every area.

According to Volkswagen, the latest Golf is also the safest ever while also being the quietist and most luxurious.


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