Trio awaiting Nissan Micra Mongolia race

A group of motorists looking to raise money for charity by driving a Nissan Micra to Mongolia are still hoping to receive extra support.

Norwich Evening News 24 has reported that Vicky Holt, Gary Myerscough and Ashley Wilson are still looking to raise some of the £1,000 needed to enter the race.

In the hope of boosting their charity funds, the trio have organised a masquerade ball, with the money raised on the night going to charity and the ticket money covering expenses.

The rules of the race are that each team must have a 1.0-litre car that is no more than ten years old.

They are now on the hunt for equipment to help ensure that their X-reg Micra makes it to the end of the race.

Ms Holt told the publication: "Anything could go wrong but as long as we don’t burn out the clutch or the breaks and pick our route wisely I hope we’ll be ok.

"When we get to Kazakhstan though it’s all sand and pot holes though so we’ll see."

The trip is expected to last a month and begins on July 18th.


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