Nissan Micra used to demonstrate unsafe driving consequences

Motorists are to get a glimpse of what may occur if they drive in an unsafe manner thanks to a car that was initially a Nissan Micra, reports the MK News.

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service are to use a vehicle called ‘Crash 1’ at fetes, open days and road safety displays to raise awareness of the potential consequences of unsafe driving.

The vehicle has been turned into a demonstration car, which now has no glass, fuel tank or mechanical parts, while it also has a detachable roof to show how motorists are removed when trapped inside a vehicle.

Keith Wheeler, Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service’s road safety manager, told the publication: "For many years we have used scrap cars when we give these demonstrations.

"While there is still a place for the traditional demonstration, this enables us to give informative demonstrations in a number of venues where it is not practicable to work with a real car."

According to Nissan, the latest Micra may appeal to motorists as it features "user-friendly controls, an ultra-reliable engine and useful, intuitive technology".


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