Nissan Micra highlights Mediterranean car hire risk

A case involving a Nissan Micra has highlighted the dangers that UK holidaymakers could face when hiring vehicles abroad.

Research by the AA into 60 car hire outlets across 12 Mediterranean resorts has indicated that motorists may end up driving away in what was called a "scary" vehicle.

Among the dodgy cars given out was a Micra on the island of Santorini in Greece, with the vehicle having badly-damaged front tyres, while there was a nut missing from one of the rear wheels.

Overall, some cars were found to be hired out with empty fuel tanks, others had no seatbelts in the rear and one had a handbrake that failed to work.

The study looked into countries including Croatia, Italy and Spain, while Malta was found as having half of its cars up for hire in a poor condition.

An AA spokesman said: "Overall the quality of cars was not too bad, but where they were bad they were really bad.

"Holidaymakers, particularly at peak season when rental desks are hectic, are too often vulnerable to the potential for hire firms to accidentally or deliberately overcharge."

Among the accessories that a motorist could opt for when buying a new Nissan Micra are a sports rear bumper, chrome exhaust finisher and a roof spoiler.


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