Nissan announces Micra changes for 2008

The Nissan Micra will undergo a number of cosmetic changes in 2008 due to a makeover announced by the company.

Styling, equipment and grade structure will all be updated, the company stating that they will offer customers further value for money.

A cleaner, fresher look has been given to the model, while the front headlights have a less profound profile and the bumper has been changed.

The model will look even more different to old Micras if drivers choose the new faded denim colour added to the vehicle’s palette.

"One of the best known small cars in the market today, the Nissan Micra, is undergoing a revamp for 2008," said the company.

Nissan Motors is a Japanese automotive manufacturer founded by Kenjiro Den, Rokuro Aoyama and Meitaro Takeuchi in 1932.

The company’s headquarters can be found in Chuo-ku in Tokyo, Japan.


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