Celebs sing praises for Mercedes Viano

Singing duo Carrie and David Grant have been driving a Mercedes Viano multi-purpose vehicle for the past year and said it has succeeded in hitting the high notes for them.

The couple, who coach singers and have also appeared as vocal experts on Fame Academy and Pop Idol, have sung the praises of the Viano – which has been useful for both work and play, they explained.

As well as transporting their family around France on a recent holiday, they have travelled to celebrity parties and shows, as the vehicle is big enough to carry everything they need.

"The Viano is a cool car for turning up at ‘red carpet’ occasions, as it’s more rock and roll than other cars," David Grant remarked, adding that the couple’s children had enjoyed travelling inside as the seats can be adjusted to face each other.

"If you are going to buy a people carrier, then there is only one to consider – the Viano," he concluded.

According to Mercedes, the Viano can seat up to eight people and their luggage too – making it a potentially ideal purchase for larger or growing families.


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