Honda announces Fit sales launch

Automaker Honda has announced the details of its launch of the new Fit model in Japan.

Known to European consumers as the Jazz, the vehicle is to go on sale in the land of the rising sun from Friday October 26th 2007.

Motorists in Europe should not feel left out, as a new Jazz will hit Honda dealerships across the continent in late 2008.

No matter what the name, the range has been a success for the company, selling more than two million units in 115 countries, while its production has also extended to six factories in five nations.

"The hugely popular small car retains all its best features – class leading economy, cabin space to rival mid-sized saloons, and easy manoeuvrability – yet has been brought bang up-to-date with some subtle design changes," commented Honda.

The Honda Jazz name has been used by the car manufacturer on different vehicles since 1982.


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