Honda “commits to hybrid future”

Honda has claimed that it will display its commitment to a "hybrid future" at the Geneva motor show in March, in the shape of its new concept car.

The automaker’s upcoming hybrid prototype will feature advanced technology, proving that "stylish design and driving enjoyment can be combined with low environmental impact".

This aspect of the company’s business has been made evident recently by an increased supply of Civic Hybrids to the UK.

Honda has a target of selling three times as many of these models this year than it did in 2006. Following "overwhelming" customer demand in the UK, supply of the petrol-electric Civic has been increased, with the target of reaching 3,000 sales this year.

Also on display at the Geneva motor show will be a next-generation clean diesel engine.

This unit will utilise world-first technology to reduce its emissions to match those of a petrol engine.

It will employ a "revolutionary" catalytic converter, which will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to a level that will meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements.


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