Honda Civic advert memories relived

Honda has been renowned for creating some award-winning adverts over the years, with one publication opting to look at some of the best that the manufacturer has had to offer.

Among those singled out by UTalkMarketing in its top five is the 2006 advertisement for the Honda Civic.

This was a choir advert with members of the 60-person group making different car noises as a video of the Civic was shown in the background.

Meanwhile, one of the main adverts was the 2008 offering, which was the first ‘live’ advert ever shown on Channel Four, with skydivers spelling out the name of the company when in freefall.

Another advert brought up is that for the Honda Accord called the cog, which was created in 2003 without trick photography and showed a chain reaction using parts of a car.

According to Honda, the latest Civic is truly "groundbreaking", "from its dynamic, radical styling to its aggressive, purposeful stance".

Motorists can also benefit from easy access to the vehicle, as the doors almost open to a 90 degree angle.


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