Honda boosting brand quality through recruitment

Honda has announced the launch of a recruitment programme which it states will enhance the quality of its products.

The scheme is designed to help the manufacturer’s dealers identify and assess the best available technicians, sales staff and managers.

A new Honda People website has been launched specifically to help dealers find candidates with the right skills to enhance their business and also reduce recruitment costs for users of the service.

The initiative allows both candidates and dealers to undertake a ‘journey’ towards recruitment, at the end of which the most promising applicants will be added to a pool from which recruiters can assess individuals.

Geoff Matthews, head of the Honda Institute, stressed the importance of this process for the brand, stating that the success of any business is reliant upon "the quality of the people behind it".

"It’s important we find the right people for all roles at Honda – not just those with the correct skills, but those with the right enthusiasm, attitude and drive," Mr Matthews said.

"Recruiting the best people to work in our dealerships is especially important as they are often a customer’s first contact with the Honda brand."


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