Honda hybrid could get congestion charge exemption

A new model from Honda may be granted an exemption from the London Congestion Charge as part of a series of proposed changes to the road pricing scheme.

Under new plans currently being discussed by Transport for London (TfL), the Civic Hybrid would be exempt from the £8 charge for entering central London.

TfL wants to grant an exemption to all Euro IV compliant cars that emit less than 120g/km of carbon dioxide (CO2), such as the Civic Hybrid, which emits just 109g/km of CO2.

Drivers of cars exempt under the congestion charge scheme must register their vehicles to enable them to travel in and out of London without paying.

The government is currently examining proposals to slash VAT on greener vehicles, such as the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Toyota Prius, from the current 17.5 per cent down to five per cent.

Sales of hybrid vehicles have doubled in just 12 months, while Honda has seen sales of the Civic Hybrid soar by 500 per cent to 1,735 in just one year.


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