Honda Civic leads the way in hybrid offerings

With motorists already snapping up used Honda Civic models as they seek out hybrid vehicles, they may soon be able to turn their attentions elsewhere in the Honda range.

Earlier this month Honda revealed that its total hybrid sales had cleared the 30,000 mark worldwide, with the Civic Hybrid and Civic IMA at the head of this market.

As of April, used car fans will have a new vehicle to choose from in the hybrid range as Honda releases a new Insight.

The first generation Insight was initially launched in 1999 and the latest update to the range is eagerly awaited, with predictions expecting 30,000 of the models to be sold across Europe each year.

In all it is expected that the new vehicle will sell 200,000 globally on an annual basis, with 10,000 orders already being placed in Japan.

A review of the Honda Civic hybrid by Andrew Frankel in the Times states that the vehicle offers much better fuel consumption than other 1.6-litre cars, as motorists can complete 60 miles per gallon rather than the general 40 miles per gallon.


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